We know that laptop screens are almost non-repairable so we have to replace them in case of cracked. This can be frustrating to see your broken laptop screen. There are many different reasons for the laptop’s cracked screen. For example, it can break after fall damage or if someone accidentally sits or stands on it. But what if we tell you, you can replace the cracked laptop screen without replacing it. So, let’s jump into action and see how to fix a cracked computer screen without replacing it.

How to fix a cracked computer screen without replacing it

When your laptop falls and you damage your screen. In this scenario, you really need to know How to fix a cracked computer screen without replacing it at home. Also, in this situation, you should remain calm and must inspect your laptop. For example, if your graphics card or some other important thing is damaged then it would be time-wasting to replace it.

So, if you want to diagnose the problem then you need to first check the Graphic card is working or not. To check this issue you need to plug in your laptop to the external monitor via HDMI output. When your laptop displays a picture on the external monitor you have connected this means your graphic card is working. And if your external display doesn’t display anything which means that your graphic card is damaged and you need not replace the screen in order to save money.

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How to fix a cracked computer screen without replacing it?

Every Laptop is expensive and very delicate and we can cause damage to them with a little bit of negligence. So, if your laptop is in warranty period we recommend you to take it to manufacturer’s store. So, let’s jump into action and see How to fix a cracked computer screen without replacing it.

Things required to fix a cracked laptop screen

We have complied a list of essential tools for you that you may require to repair a laptop screen. In order to do things in a proper manner, we recommend you to follow the steps given below.

A proper working area

First thing you need is a dedicated working area. The area where you are working should be flat, straight and clean. We suggest you to arrange a table which is flat and has several drawers.

Sharp Objects

There are some sharp stuff you will require like a needle or a knife or anything of your preference from your household. You can also try using the safety pins while trying to learn How to fix a cracked computer screen without replacing it.

Small Container

Small container one of the most important thing while repairing your laptop. Because you need a container that can hold and safely secure small parts of your laptop while fixing your laptop. We recommend you to use a single  24 Compartments Plastic Box than different boxes. You can find this box and you may find it on Amazon in 2 USD.

Thin Plastic Object

You will also need a plastic knife in order to remove the bezel from the fixing of the laptop screen to slide over.


You will also require Nitto-tape which is required while fixing the screen and prevents it from dropping or sliding down. In this case the tape will hold the screen until your screw it up all and then you can remove the tape.

Magnet head screwdrivers kit

One of the most important thing that you need is magnet head screwdrivers kit which can be ordered online. If you are wondering why the magnet head screwdriver is needed? Because the magnet in the screw driver helps you pull out the screws very easily.

How to access a cracked screen?

So, if you are not still aware of the cracked screen. You may have to look closely at it and check how much it is damaged. Also, you have to check the motherboard or the other components of the system. Then you will find out do you really need to replace the screen or not.

Check the graphics card

You need to check the functionality of the graphic card by connecting your laptop to the external display. There is another method by which you can also check by removing the card and then inserting it into another computer/laptop.

Adding a new laptop screen

Now here you will learn How to fix a cracked computer screen without replacing it. Follow the steps given below and do it as we have shown step by step so that it may not cause any further damage.

New Replacement screen

FIrslty, you need to buy a new screen which is correct of the same size as your previous laptop screen. You can buy them online or from the store near you.

Shut down your laptop

Then you need to unplug the power cable and remove any devices that are connected to your computer/laptop. Also, try to remove the battery of your laptop/computer if it is removeable.

Locate the screws

You also need to find out the screws that hold the laptop screen together. You need to lossen them with the screwdriver there are around 4-6. Then you can easily find them under the plastic frame of the screen.

Pull off the cracked screen

When you pullout the screw then you need to pull the screen from the plastic bezel of the laptop. You also need to be careful while detaching it and see if there is no screw left to fasten then screen and separate it.

Placement of the new laptop screen

Now lastly, when you remove your screen now place the new screen and then set it in the shell of the laptop.


Here is how to fix a cracked computer screen without replacing it. Sometimes replacing the screen can be very costly. So, if you don’t want to put a dent in your wallet. Hope you find this information useful. Thank you for the read.

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