Who wants to get pressure spots or as they are called in technical jargon as Hot spots on TV. Obviously, I am not one who wants to get these pressure spots on my TV screen. Thus, when faced with such a scenario I had some trouble getting rid of that situation. But, after learning from many sources and with practical experience, I have compiled a list of things to do. Thus, in this article, we will be touching on the topic, how to fix pressure damage TV screen?


Before we move to the section on how to fix pressure damage TV screens, let’s get to know what causes these pressure points? Actually, what are pressure points? These points will help us prevent ourselves from getting these pressure points to damage our TV and even the flat LCD/Laptop screens.

  • Generally, the pressure spots occur thanks to the incorrect setup of the TV or monitor when placing.
  • Thus, to obviate pressure spots, you shall transport the LCD screen holding it in a top to bottom manner; thus securig the panels from the pressure spot.
  • We shall make bound to place your finger on the backside when holding, without putting pressure on the display.
  • Also, we may use suction cups on areas where the pressure spot is visible.
  • Using a suction cup will help to scale back the extent of pressure spots appearing.
  • We also need to clean the display on a weekly basis using soft cloth to avoid such pressure spots.
  • These simple and quick habits or tips can assist you avoid an enormous cost .
How to fix pressure damage TV screen

How to fix pressure damage TV screen

Simply jumping into the method of fixing will make no sense if you don’t have the essential idea of what actually these pressure spots are. Sometimes, our LCD screen gets blurry, white, or black due to such damage. Hence, we discussed the same in the previous section. So, now that we have discussed these, let’s get going with the topic at hand.

Turn off your TV

The first step you would like to try to do is to show off your computer. To continue the subsequent processes, you would like to stay your LCD pack up. After you’ve got turned your Monitor off, attend the subsequent step.

Remove TV From Wall

Now, you would like to require out the TV from the wall. Then, put it right down to a table or shelf to continue subsequent steps.

Take Out Back Panel

You need to urge obviate the rear panel by removing all the screws one at a time. Take some time to get rid of the screws. Then, secure all the screws in a safe place where you’ll find them easily.

Get rid of the speakers

If you’ve got attaching cables with speaker connections, then remove them. Just obviate the wires from each side one by one. You then need to remove the screws that connect to the PCBs a.k.a. computer circuit boards.

To find it out, you’ll check out the rock bottom of the TV. Also, remove the cables that are placed on the top of the PCB.

Remove Other Screws From The Bracket

Obviate the attaching cables; after that, you shall take out all the screws on the outer bracket of your LCD. This helps in taking out the casing without damaging the display. Ensure to see the screen before getting to the subsequent step.

Take Out the display board

Once you finish unscrewing the screws from the outer bracket of the LCD, proceed to the display board. Ensure to use a vacuum/suction cup when coitus interruptus the LCD panel from the interior case. Remember that the LCD display panels are comparatively weaker when compared to glass. After you’ve got removed the panel from the TV screen, keep it safe. Also, unclip all the mounts.

Here’s an article on how to handle a Flat Screen TV, just for your reference !!!

Remove the Panel Sheets

Now, you’ll notice a white panel ahead. In fact, you’ll find some diffuser sheets. The diffuser sheets are literally wont to distribute the sunshine well in TVs. These diffuser sheets help deliver great quality images.

Just remove these panel sheets cautiously and secure them in a secure place. Plus, ensure sheets aren’t twisted or bend.

Clean them with Soft Cloth

You need to wash the panel if you discover any small or scratched round spot. Use a soft cloth and clean the spots gently.

You see, if you set it on a towel cloth, it might damage the panel more. So, ensure to require a mild cloth to mop up. If the spot doesn’t begin, then attempt to use toothpaste with a cotton bird. Take a little amount of toothpaste on a cotton bird.

Try to run during a circular motion on the spot when using the cotton bird. This helps to clear the spot faster. You can thereafter, use toothpaste as a cleanser and wipe with the soft cloth after applying the toothpaste.

Attach The Panel, Screws & Other Mounts

Now, you would like to connect everything to end the method. Insert the panel, sheets into the screen. After you’ve got done attaching the panel to the LCDs, close the case and insert screws on the outer bracket. If needed, use the screwdriver.

Then, you would like to connect the speaker connection by inserting cables. Insert the cables that ought to be attached to the PCBs on each side. Next, attach the rear panel by screwing on all the screws. Now, test out if your TV remains to show the pressure spot or not.

WRAPPING UP –> How to fix pressure damage TV screen

No one will really wish to see their TV/monitor screens having pressure spots or other damages. We have come to know what are pressure spots and we have also become aware of the methodology we need to follow to get rid of these damaging spots. The given tricks in this article will assist you to repair pressure spots faster. Until next time, hoping that your problematic screens get sorted for the better. Goodbye and take care! See-ya 🙂

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