At the current time, you will find no official Soundcloud App for the PS4 unfortunately. But you still have the option to listen to your favorite music and playlists with the help of Soundcloud on the Play Station. In this blog, we will discuss the topic of ‘How to get SoundCloud on PS4?’ We will also show you how you can do it so just keep reading.

How to get SoundCloud on PS4

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How to get SoundCloud on PS4?

How to get SoundCloud on PS4

Now we will discuss the step of SoundCloud with Plex on the PS4. As we mentioned earlier, currently you cannot get Soundcloud on your PS4 install Software. However, you can play your music and soundtracks over the network on the PlayStation 4 stream.

For this, all you require is the Software Plex. Let’s move on to the practical tip in which we will show you how you can use the Plex Media Server setup.

Installation of Plex Media Server

  • Firstly, you have to download the installation package from the Plex Media Server.
  • You can start the installation by following the wizard from the guide.
  • After successfully installing it, you have to create an exception in the Firewall for Plex Media. You can do so by clicking on “allow access”.
  • This will install the Tool successfully. Now you have to find the icon at the bottom right of the taskbar. You just have to double click on the icon for starting the configuration.

Setup and configuration of Plex Media Server

  • Firstly, you can create section for streaming music in the main menu. You can consider them as categories.
  • You will be able find to find these categories in the menu. If you want to fill such categories with content then you just have to select it and click on the “+”icon.
  • You also have the option to mangae the categories. For instance, type the name of your edit or a directory for the content set.
  • In order to add another directory, you can either click on the “+”icon or drag the directory in the window.
  • Lastly, you also have the option to edit Film entries. When you do a right-click on any movie and select “Incorrect, correct the entry”. Then you will be able to  change, for instance, the Cover or the description.


We hope that you understood ‘How to get SoundCloud on PS4?’ with the help of this blog. Thank you for reading our blog!

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