Here, I bring to you a guide on how to insert various symbols in Word like the telephone or the mobile phone symbol in word. So, just read on! It is a real thorough guide on inserting various symbols in word. The ultimate reference that you will require today and nothing else do you need.

Phone Symbol in Word (☏)

To type-in the Phone Symbol in Word, we just require to press and hold the Alt Key and then type 9743. Woah! and you get a pretty decent phone ☏ symbol from the clipboard gallery of the MS-Office package. 9743 is the Alt Code for the phone symbol.

We know that by pressing a combination of keys we can insert various symbols in whichever place we want. Be it the MS-Office package or any other destination wherein we want to input the symbols. Say for example, we can press the Shift + 5 key to insert the percentage(%) symbol and likewise for the asterisk(*) symbol we need to press Shift + 8 key together and so on.

Now, let’s see various other methods to insert or type the Phone Symbol whenever and wherever we require.

The Phone Symbol Guide

Using Shortcuts

Windows has several shortcuts that work to bring out various symbols and also perform other tasks. One such shortcut is the Alt + 9743 keys to insert the Phone icon in Word.

Note : Every symbol in Word features a unique code that you simply can use to insert the symbol into your document. These codes are known as “Alt Codes”.

  • Tap the Num lock button to activate the numeric keypad.
  • Now, press and hold the Alt button and then type 9743 from the numeric keypad.
  • After you finish typing release the buttons.
  • As soon as you release the keys, the Phone symbol (☏) symbol is inserted into your Word document.
Phone Symbol in Word

Insert Symbols using the Insert Symbols dialog box

  • Go to the Insert tab.
  • On the Insert tab, click the Symbol button and choose More Symbols…
  • Now, find your Symbol of choice.
  • For the phone symbol, you can also change the font to Wingdings and enter 0028 as the character code.
  • After you get the symbol, click on Insert. Or, you may also even dobule-click on the icon too.
  • Now, close the box.
  • Hurray!! What do you see? Yes, your symbol is inserted indeed.

Copy-Paste the Symbol

The easiest method to insert the phone symbol or for that matter any symbol is the Copy-Paste method. You just need to go to Google and search for the symbol that you are looking for and when the symbols appear in the results. Just copy and paste the symbol at the appropriate place in your document wherever your desire or wish to.

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Using an Emoji Keyboard

Note : This is applicable in Windows 10 and may be above versions only.

  • Keep your mouse pointer at the apt place wherein you require your symbol thus.
  • Now, press Windows logo button and either “; key” or the ” . key”
  • The emoji dashboard opens.
  • Now, type in “phone” to filter out phone emojis.
  • Select the icon that you wish to insert.
  • And, indeed it’s all done.

Phone Symbol in Mac

Note : Mac only supports 4digit hex codes. Thus, you will need to use the Unicode Hex Input method to use the 4digits hexadecimal codes and insert the symbols that you so desire.

  • Keep your mouse pointer at the apt place wherein your require your symbol.
  • Now, press and hold “Command and Control and Space” buttons. Or you may also even go to Edit > Emoji & Symbols from menu.
  • The Character Viewer app opens.
  • Therein, type “phone” to filter various phone symbols.
  • Double tap on your desired symbol to insert the same in your document.
Phone Symbol in Word


Note that in this guide we have gone through a comprehensive and detailed procedure on how to insert or even type-in the phone symbol in your documets. We have seen the methods to insert the symbol in Word. And, also in Mac Systems and even using the Emoji keyboard. Thus, hoping in anticipation that this guide solves all your queries and provides you with the methods that you require to conquer your endeavour. Till then, take car and See-ya 🙁

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