Roku, a flexible media player for broadcasting that has access to any and every system around here. But, what is there in viewing movies and shows, if you can’t do any customizations? But, wait don’t come to the conclusion right away. Because Roku is here to provide us with various customization options too. Thus, we will be looking at how to add Pictures on Roku as Screensaver.

Users can shift the design on their Roku, besides illustration. And developing one’s own specially made screensavers is another possible option users can do.
People love using Roku as their streaming device, but, generally are unaware about adding Pictures on Roku as Screensaver. They are not aware that Roku lets users collect their photos and make screensavers out of them.

All you would like to possess are the cool photos and even videos from your recent trip saved on your phone and then watch the fun unfolding before your eyes.

How to add Pictures on Roku as Screensaver ?

There are certain tips and tricks to know and methods to follow to customize Roku Screensavers. So, before you’ll start employing a customized screensaver together with your own photos, let’s see what else you’ll need to do.

Using Roku App

  • Install the Roku app on your smartphone.
  • Then, connect it to your Roku device.
  • Open the Roku app on your smartphone.
  • At rock bottom of the screen, search for the Media button and click on to open.
  • Select Screensaver.
  • Tap the start button and provide access control to the app.
  • Choose photos to add as screensaver.
  • You also can choose the design for your screensaver, together with setting the time limit for your screensaver, if you wish to.
  • Once you’re done, click Set Screensaver.

Using Settings

  • Go the Roku TV’s homescreen.
  • Select the Settings option.
  • Then, tap on Screensaver.
  • Select those pictures that you want to use as a screensaver.
  • Click the Preview button to ascertain a glimpse of how the screensaver will appear.
  • If you would like , you’ll click Custom settings to form some changes within the image.
  • Once you are through with it, click the OK button to line the screensaver.
Pictures on Roku as ScreenSaver

Note: For more screensavers, we can use various apps like Fireflies Screensaver Free, Ouroborealis, and Wonder Wild Nature from the Roku Channel Store. These apps have lots and lots of images to use as Screensavers.

Here are the steps and methods to follow for activating Starz on Roku !!

Using Roku Media Player

  • Streaming any specific images or videos via the available Roku Music Player platform is pretty simple.
  • You can access your photos and videos on the web server from a DLNA database.
  • The latest Roku Ultra can playback multimedia files via a USB flash drive linked to any USB-equipped device.

Using Plex

Plex is a common broadcast channel on Roku TV. It arranges your media collections for quick playback on the Roku system into the transparent, ordered window.

  • Open Roku App.
  • Tap on the Multimedia button.
  • You can even press the large icon for getting Initiated.
  • Give access control permissions to the Roku TV app.
  • Choose your photos that your have saved either on your smartphone or any USB storage.
  • The images will then be introduced to your Roku screensaver, and, as users insert the others, users would see an summary of them on their Television screen.
  • Users can choose from a couple of various possibilities, along side the few seconds which each picture shows.


So, what’s your take on this comprehensive yet simple tutorial for you on having your Pictures on Roku as Screensaver. Isn’t this a very cool know-how? We have seen that we can use various methods like using the Android or iOS Roku App. Not only that we can use the Settings on our Roku device or the Roku Media Player and even the Plex channel. We even have some specialized screensaver apps to customize the Roku screensaver to use our own pictures as the screensaver instead. Follow and use these methods and do post your reviews and comment with which option worked the best for you in the comments section. Till then, See-ya!! 🙂

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