You will file the application “SIM Toolkit” on various Android Smartphones in the App Drawer. In this blog, we will discuss What is the SIM toolkit? Additionally, we will also show you what functions it performs and how you can remove the application.

What is the SIM toolkit

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What is the SIM toolkit?

What is the SIM toolkit

As you already know, the SIM toolkit is pre-installed on Android. It depends on your mobile provider as to what content you will be able to find in the application on your Android smartphone. With the help of this app, you can read the content from the SIM. In the SIM toolkit app, you can view some data generally as well as paid services with the help of the mobile provider to order. For instance, weather services, Wake-up services, or news. In this modern period of time, the application is largely out.

How to remove SIM toolkit?

Unfortunately, the toolkit can be removed readily. However, we can make the deletion possible with the appropriate rights. You don’t have to worry as your smartphone will not face any consequences. In order to remove the SIM toolkit, you require Root-rights along with a root guide. The guide is as follows:

  • Firstly, you have to simply flash a suitable Root-Kit on a Custom Recovery.
  • You may know the popular SuperSUPackage that works nicely on almost every device.
  • Alternatively, you can use Magisk. In this service, you will get additional advantage that other apps will be able to see that the device is rooted.
  • Lastly, you have to select Recovery mode in TWRP for installing the boot. After installing the ZIP file, you have to restart your device.

After doing the above procedure, you have to use the pre-installed App delete. Many experienced users can the application under the name “PCs.apk” in the directory “System/Apps”. Now in the app here with root, you can delete-access it also. You have to use the Root Uninstaller.


We hope that with the help of this blog, you understood ‘What is the SIM toolkit?’ So, we hope that you also understood the procedure of removing the toolkit from your Android. Thank you for reading our blog!

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