Facebook is one of the leading and popular social media platforms across the globe. It has 2.6 million monthly active users which tells us about its popularity. Facebook in recent times has acquired some trending platforms such as Instagram and WhatsApp. The American organization keeps the user experience and quality as its utmost priority. We can also see many updates over time. Recently Facebook has also launched Facebook touch, which provides better quality and UI. If you don’t about one of the exciting products, continue reading…

If you don’t know about Facebook touch, it is a much better and protracted version of the official Facebook website. It is thus, developed by the H5 apps to add additional functionalities and design structure to the existing Facebook. The idea behind this is also to make Facebook mobile device friendly. The Facebook touch is one of the best Facebook applications with great user graphics. If you are ever irritated by the slow loading of images due to poor connectivity, Facebook touch can be a good deal.

Amazing Features which you will love

Facebook touch offers more than what the traditional Facebook app offers. It includes many smart options with an improved user interface and graphics. These are some of the best features of Facebook touch.

  • It is advanced and prolonged version of the traditional Facebook app.
  • With Facebook touch you can easily access or view the various groups and pages listed on Facebook.
  • Profiles and content is much more relevant based on your use pattern.
  • Improved and amazing user interface.
  • Made suitable for both Android and iOS operating systems.
  • You can use it on desktop as well. You can visit here.
  • Scroll in version is one of the coolest feature you can witness.
  • The chat feature of the most entertaining feature you can notice here.

m.facebook.com V/s touch.facebook.com

The Facebook touch is a more organized and sophisticated feature that is independent of operating systems such as Android and iOS. You can easily look over the different profiles, images, videos, and much more. You can view both recent and top news or posts as well using this.

On the other hand, the traditional m.facebook.com is a limited version of Facebook. The intention is to serve older phones. You can usually view the feed or comment on things in this version. It doesn’t include many styles in design. Both can look the same now, normal Facebook is limited in functionalities.

Facebook touch apk for android

Install Facebook touch in Android

If you are an android user you can easily install it in, Few clicks. Few seconds.

  • Search for the APK in the chrome or your browser.
  • Look for trusted sites which facilitates the APK download.
  • Open settings and allow “Download / Install from unknown sources” option.
  • Download the APK.
  • Install and login.

The above image shows the Facebook APK download options. You can use Android freeware or APK pure to download Facebook touch.

How to Login to Facebook touch

After the installation, you can easily log in. Also, the login page looks the same as it looks for normal Facebook. Thus, all you need to do is to enter your Facebook account login credentials and click on login. Now you can thus, see the much better and exciting version of Facebook at your fingertips. Why wait, just scroll it!

android login for Facebook touch

In the above image, the first one shows the login page. The middle is how the feed looks like. The last image shows the logout option. The logout option thus, seems to be a little hidden. You have to thus, go to the menu and scroll it to the end to find the logout option. This is the login and logout option for Android mobiles.

The desktop login is not much different from the Android version. You can see the desktop login version in the below image.

desktop login for Facebook touch

Follow the same instructions. Search for touch.facebook.com. Enter the login credentials. Enjoy the Feed and don’t forget to log out safely.

Installing Facebook Touch for Windows 8

The development of Windows 8 was thus, done keeping in mind the portability issue. Facebook Touch is thus, a touch-optimized UI app working with touch gestures. It is thereby, similar to Facebook with its applicable features.

To download the Facebook Touch app we need to follow the below-mentioned procedure :

  • Click on the Start/Home button.
  • Open the Web Store.
  • Type in “Facebook Touch” in the search bar.
  • Click on it and tap on install.
  • After installation login into your app with your username and password.
  • Enjoy using your favourite Facebook app.

Cons of Using the Touch App

  • Facebook Touch doesn’t have SSL encryption, hence, making it comparatively less secure.
  • It is also not optimizable for larger displays.
  • It is an updated version of the Facebook app.
  • But, it lacks capabilities of blocking adult contents and also in implementing various security related characteristics.

Removing Touch Notifications

You might be receiving various notifications everytime. But, you can disable it by going into settings. Let’s see how do we do it.

  • Visit Settings on your device.
  • Head over to Apps and locate the Facebook (Touch) App.
  • Click on the application and thereafter, go to Notifications.
  • Now, thus, select the option of disabling the Notifications and tap on Force Stop.
  • Hurray! You will not be receiving any more notifications from now.

Final thoughts

The Facebook touch is of the best Facebook applications. It is also robust, dynamic and provides a much better user experience and graphics. The first-time users can get confused about the options, but eventually, you will find it easy. Compared to the traditional app, the touch provides much better quality and feed based on your search pattern. Pretty awesome right. Why wait, use now!!!

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