Flipping an image refers to mirroring it. You can take it as an image that is put in front of the glass. The reflection that you see in the glass is the flipped image. There are various ways we can flip an image. When flipping an image perpendicularly its top and bottom sides are flipped; while, when flipping an image horizontally, it is flipped left and right. Thus, in this post, we will be discussing how to flip an image in Google Docs.


So, what exactly is flipping an image. Let’s say, we have an image of an arrow pointing right. When you flip this image horizontally, you’ll have an image that points left. Likewise, if you have an image of an arrow pointing overhead; flipping it vertically will give you an image that points downwards.

Specifically, in this article, we will talk about how you can automatically flip images; in your document, and manually rotate them.

How to flip an image in Google Docs

How to flip an image in Google Docs

In this section, we will be talking about how you can automatically flip images.

Open the Google Docs document containing the image you want to rotate.

  • Upload the image that you want to flip/mirror.

In case, your document does not contain the image. You can upload the image. To do this, we can simply drag and drop the image into our document. Or, use the “Insert” menu and thereafter choose the image that we want, by going to its location.

  • Cut/crop the image.

Once you’ve uploaded the image, click on it and cut it. You can do this by pressing Ctrl+X ( Command X in Mac).

  • Open the Drawings option and paste the image.

Click on “Insert”, located in the top left corner of your screen. Thereafter, go to “Drawings” > “New”.

Now, paste your image into your document. You can do this by pressing Ctrl+V.

How to flip an image in Google Docs
  • Move to “Actions” and flip the picture.

Select your image and go to the ‘ Actions’ tab from the Drawings window. This opens a drop-down menu. Thereafter, click on Rotate. Thereafter, select the “Flip horizontally” or “Flip horizontally” option.

  • Continue to Save and Close.

Finally, click on Save and Close to fit this image in your document. Thus, you have now successfully flipped the image!

Creating em dash in Google Docs !!!

Flipping a picture by rotating it

  • Open the picture in Drawings window.

There are two ways of opening your image in this window. You can click on your image and utilize the ‘Edit’ option. Or, make use of the “Insert” tab > “Drawings” > “New”.

How to flip an image in Google Docs
  • Use the anchor or ‘Action’ option to rotate the image.

Select an image to see its anchor points. The indirect anchor point atop the image allows you to rotate it. In order to, flip the image vertically, rotate it by 180 degrees.

We can rotate the image otherwise by selecting “Actions” > “Rotate”. Thereafter, click on the way you want to rotate your image. Repeat this step likewise to flip the image vertically.

  • Thereafter, click on “Save and Close”.

After the rotating task is done, click on Save & Close. Once your image is fitted, you can condition its position anywhere in the document.

How to flip images vertically in Docs

  • To reflect an image up-side down click on the Action button.
  • Then go to Rotate
  • Thereafter, Click on Flip vertically
  • Finally, your image will be flipped vertically

How to rotate pictures in Google Docs

Rotating pictures in Docs manually is simple and it doesn’t necessitate having major specialized knowledge to do so. Let’s see how we do it :

  • Open the Docs app first to start
  • Fit your images in it.
  • Handpick the image or copy it.
  • Next, from the menu button click on insert and open the delineation tool.
  • After that paste the image on drawing tool.
  • Thereafter, go to “Actions” > “Rotate” > Click on “Rotate clockwise 90 degree” or “Rotate round clockwise 90 degree”.
  • Finally Save And Close and you are done.

How to flip an image in Google Docs Android

  • Open Chrome browser in your device.
  • Select the option of “Desktop” site by clicking on the 3-dots button at the top-right corner.
  • Now, type https://docs.google.com/document/ in search and open Docs in your device.
  • Thereafter, select the doc containing your image. And follow the steps as mentioned previously for flipping images in the sections above.

SUMMING UP —> How to flip an image in Google Docs

To sum it up, we’ve learned about some methods we can use to flip images in Docs. We have seen how easy it is to use these methods and complete our work. Hope this post is of great usage and importance to you and helps you deal with your adventures. So, continue using these tricks to flip your images and making fun. Until the next time, see-ya! 🙂

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