Do you use Pinterest? Do you know about it, somehow? Nevertheless, don’t worry if your answer is negative. I will tell you about it. Pinterest is quite beneficial for entrepreneurs, bloggers, and businesses, I mean to say, anybody. It’s amazing how many businesses and bloggers are finding great success with the marketing goldmine that is Pinterest. All in all, it is a great social media tool at your fingertips. You can also have followers make private boards and a hell of a lot of other things too. Going ahead in this post, we would be discussing how to delete followers on Pinterest.


You may find that of all pins around 60% are from businesses. If you have a business and are not using Pinterest to grow your online presence, you may be missing out. However, as good as the numbers are for worldwide users and followers, not everyone wants that many followers, or at least wants better and more active followers.

Thus, just like other social media, more followers of your profile means more credibility, but since Pinterest is so visual, it can mean, much more.

Getting Followers on Pinterest

You may be one of the many people out there wondering how to get Pinterest followers. Much of a person’s success depends on engagement. And, if you learn how to outsmart the smart feed, you can attract a lot of Pinterest users to your site.

However, as we have seen, the most important ways to increase activity on your Pinterest account are to be present and to engage. So, here are some ways you can spark interest in your Pinterest business account profile :

Be Proactive

  • Do manual pinning on a regular basis
  • Visit the ‘Trending’ pages as well as the ‘Explore’ page and then re-pin from those pages that you see from other people.
  • If someone has a ‘board to follow’ in your feeds, you should follow them if they are relevant to you.
  • Manually pin other people’s pins

Follow your followers too

Never wait for someone to see you and want to follow you. An easy way to get followers is to pick your competitors’ followers and follow them.

How to Delete Followers on Pinterest

You can remove followers on Pinterest from both the smartphone app and the Pinterest website. The “Block” option will prevent the follower from accessing your photos and pinboards. You will be able to see the blocked person in your feed, search, and group pinboard. The saved pins from his profile will be shown to you unless you delete them separately.

iOS/ Android users

  • Open Pinterest app on your smartphone and login into your Pinterest account.
  • Go to Accounts tab > Click on your profile icon.
  • Tap on Followers and select the follower you want to remove.
  • Click the more (three dots) option in the profile.
  • Select Block to block the follower in Pinterest and select Block again to confirm.
  • Hurray! you have succeeded in your endeavour.

Computer Users

  • Switch on your computer and open the Pinterest website on your web-browser.
  • Thereby, logging in into your Pinterest account.
  • Now, click on your profile icon in the upper right corner and select followers.
  • Select the profile you want to block and open it.
  • Thereafter, click the more (three dots) option and go to “Block”.
  • Finally, select Block to block the profile in Pinterest.

Blocking someone?

One problem users notice is that some followers stagnate and do not participate. While the number of people connected to your account is good, you need active followers.

But, unfortunately, if you look at how to delete followers on Pinterest, you will find that like many other social media outlets, this is not possible. Pinterest users can follow you and do nothing until they decide to leave.

On that note, you can easily make sure that someone is blocked from accessing your Pinterest pages :

  • Go to the “Pinterest user profile”.
  • Click on the “More” button.
  • Click on “Block” from the dropdown menu.
    Note: The blocked follower will not be automatically notified. Also, you will no longer have the small flag icon in the lower right corner.

How to Remove Unwanted Pins on Pinterest !!

Unblocking someone?

There may be times when you have blocked someone due to a grudge or misunderstanding. In some cases, you may even block a person by accident. As, fortunately, blocking is not permanent, and you can unblock the user on Pinterest easily.

  • Navigate to the blocked Pinterest user’s profile
  • Go to “More” button.
  • Now, click on unblock.

Unfollowing someone?

In order to unfollow people you follow and can not see any benefit from, it’s easy to unfollow them. Let us see how:

  • Open the Pinterest app.
  • Thereafter, tap your profile’s icon and click “Follow”
  • Now, tap on Boards/Pins depending on your device.
  • Finally, tap on “Unfollow” under each board you follow and you will immediately stop following that board.


In this post, thus, we have had an in-depth tour of Pinterest. We have also seen that being a social media, we have followers and even can follow, also make Private boards. By now you have thus been acquainted with deleting followers on Pinterest and also other tools. Until next time, see ya !! Goodbye !! :)~

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