The Samsung firmware has 4 to 5 components like BL(Bootloader), PDA, CP(Phone), and CSC. In certain cases, Partition Information Table file. We will be discussing Samsung CSC Changer and also various CSC codes.


Before moving on to anything let’s discuss what Samsung CSC is? We will also look into various CSC codes? We will also look into how to check CSC code on Samsung phones. Not only that, but we will also see how to change CSC on Samsung devices.

CSC on Samsung

CSC or Consumer Software Customization/Country Specific Code is a very essential part of firmware components. It also contains various custom settings, system configurations, and geo-specific things.

Thus, it means that the same model of a phone can get a release by Samsung with different CSC. For example, if you live in the United States and have a Samsung Galaxy phone; then your device’s CSC or product code may be one of the following; depending on whether it’s unlocked, open, or carrier-branded.

ACG – Nextech/C Spire


CCT – Comcast

LRA – Bluegrass Cellular

SPR – Sprint (CDMA)

TFN – Tracfone

TMB – T-Mobile

USC – US Cellular

VMU – Virgin Mobile USA

VZW – Verizon

XAA – USA (unbranded/unlocked/standard)

XAS – USA (unbranded/unlocked)

Samsung servers will check the CSC code of your Samsung device and match it with the location where it is used. If these two things match, OTA updates will be sent to your device. Suppose, the CSC code of your Samsung device is INS(India) and you take it to the UK or Germany and use it there, you may not get official software updates from Samsung.

Samsung CSC Changer

The CSC of any device usually consits of the code name for the coutry designed for. It can though be altered manually. Therefore, if anyone flashes the firmwares as from a different country, then your device will stop getting updates unless an apropriate firmware is installed thereafter. Say, for example, if OXM CSC firmware is flashed to try Android Pie on Samsung Galaxy S9+ then it won’t work. As, this Android version is not yet available at the time of research for this article in India.

Note, OXM stands for Multi- CSC or Omni CSC. And, you can choose from a total of 86 different CSCs. Herein rises the idea of changing your phone’s CSC. So, let us delve into this topic in details below.

Checking CSC on Samsung devices

Using Software Information

There is another easier way to check the current CSC on your Samsung Galaxy device. Let’s see what is it:

  • Open Settings app.
  • About Phone > Software Information
  • Now, look for Service Provider tab SW Ver.
  • Thereafter, you’ll find your device’s CSC right after your device’s model number on the first line.


  • The first value of CSC, say INS, indicates the active CSC. This determines access to services and updates. You will receive updates through this channel. This is also the country for Samsung’s beta programs if you want to join one.
  • The second value “INS,INS” indicates that my Galaxy S9+ is a dual- SIM variant. If you are not using the second SIM slot, the second value replicates the first. This value only indicates which SIM you have in you, and does not affect any aspect of the experience.
  • The 3rd CSC value, which is again INS, indicates the country code; for which the Samsung device was manufactured and configured. This value cannot be changed and does not need to be.
  • If you receive the phone from a carrier, this value contains the locked CSC code. If the other values do not match, your carrier may deny warranty service.

Dialing Code

We can dial specific codes on our dialer to check the CSC. The code that we need to enter is #1234#. Once you enter ‘#’, you will see a screen like the one shown below. The first 3 letters after your device model form the CSC code for your device.

Using third-party provider

  • Download Phone Info app.
  • Thereafter install it.
  • Then, go to the CSC Code tab.
  • View the Active section CSC.

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Changing CSC

Please note that changing CSC will reset your phone to factory settings. This means that your phone will restore to the state of purchase. All data stored on the internal memory will be erased. Therefore, do not forget to back up your data before proceeding.

  • Open your phone’s dialer and enter the following code with your device’s IMEI number: *#272*IMEI number #.
  • You can find your phone’s IMEI number on the packaging your device came with.
  • You can also get the IMEI number at Settings > About phone.
  • Change CSC on Samsung devices.
  • After selecting “*#272*IMEI number#”, you will see a screen with the list of available CSC codes for your device.
  • Select the desired CSC and tap on the Install option.
  • Thereafter, your phone will automatically reboot.
  • Congratulations! you have succeeded.


In this post, we have seen what are CSC codes and how to check them and also how to alter them (Samsung CSC Changer) as per our necessity. Thus, laying our hands on the vast capability of our phones. But, do remember, every good thing comes with a catch, with greater things come greater risks. On this note, until next time, see ya, goodbye . And for anything else put out your thoughts in the comments section !! 🙂

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