Do you know what Chromecast is? Have you had your hand on one? For starters, Google Chromecast is a device as the name suggests developed by Google. It helps you stream your favourite shows and videos from your laptop, tablet and even your smartphones. It is also easy to set-up, you just need to plug-it in and connect yout Wi-Fi. That’s it, your TV has become a Smart TV hence. For more on Chromecast you can tune in to this. Moving on, let’s discuss how to stop Casting Chromecast for now.


Once you start using a Chromecast device, you may find that knowing how to stop Chromecast streams is not always easy. It is also a problem that will definitely take a hell lot out of you as it can turn out to be. It may thus turn out to be a streaming problem, or for that matter turning off notifiations, or maybe even the Chromecast device.

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Turning off Chromecast

Unfortunately, Chromecast devices do not have an on/off switch. They are meant to be always on, with a home screen that appears on your TV screen when the device is not in use. However, some people do not want the device to always be on, or they do not want the Chromecast device to show up on their home network when it’s not in use.

There are several ways you can accomplish this. Let’s see some of the methods one by one each:

Turning off the Power

The easiest method of turning off your Chromecast device is to cut the power. Chromecast devices come with a power port that you plug the charger into. When you unplug the charger from this port, the Chromecast device will turn off.

Using Smart Plugs

If you do not want to get up to turn off your Chromecast device, you can also plug the Chromecast into a smart outlet. This way, you can turn the Chromecast on or off using the Smart Plug app on your phone.

Also, if you do not want to turn off the power to your Chromecast device, you can also just turn off the TV itself. Remember that Chromecast will then remain connected to your Wi-Fi network and will even continue to show as an active device when others on your network search for available devices to stream your content to.

Disabling Chromecast notifications

One issue that’s common when using multiple Chromecast devices in the same house is that everyone can control every other Chromecast. This means that if you are watching something, someone else could interrupt your cast to stream their own content.

You can prevent this from happening by disabling network notifications. How do we do it, is mentioned below:

  • Launch the Google Home app on your phone.
  • Thereafter, tap the Chromecast for which you intend to disbale notifications for.
  • On the device remote screen, tap the Settings button.
  • Now, scroll down and turn off the “Let others control your Cast media” option.
  • Hurray! you have had a bash in completing your task.

Stop Casting on Chromecast

There are some Chromecast-compatible apps that are known to lose control of the Chromecast stream you start with that app. A few examples are the Amazon Prime Video player on mobile and the browser-based Hulu video player. You may find that you can no longer control the Chromecast remotely and are unable to control the sound, change the movie time bar, or stop streaming.

If you can not turn off your Chromecast stream through these apps, follow these steps to regain control.

Google Chrome
  • Open a new Google Chrome browser.
  • Click the three dots in the upper right corner to open the browser settings, then select Cast.
  • You will now see the Chromecast device that is currently connecting in blue.
  • To stop that Chromecast, select it from the list. If Google Chrome is properly connected to the Chromecast device, this should stop the Chromecast.
Using Google Home app
  • Open the Google Home app on your mobile device as it has full control over all Chromecast devices in the house.
  • Tap the Chromecast device you want to stop, then select Stop Casting at the bottom of the device screen.

Disconnecting Chromecast from Wi-fi

  • Turn on Chromecast.
  • Launch the Chromecast app on your mobile device.
  • Connect your mobile device to Chromecast.
  • Change the Chromecast WiFi network.
  • Connect your mobile device to the network.

WRAPPING UP <–> Stop Casting Chromecast

It is more enjoyable when watching videos and other contents on a bigger screen than our contemporary smartphones and iPhones. So, we use Chromecast devices. In this post we have also seen how to stop Casting Chromecast, with ample methods. On this note, until next time, see-ya, goodbye !! 🙂

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