The sign, a circle with a line through it, suddenly appeared when you started your Mac. It’s definitely not the messenger of something good but indicates serious problems when your Macbook will not turn on normally. Be careful, all the files on your Mac are at risk. To avoid permanent data loss, first, recover them from your Mac and then try the following solutions to fix the ban icon on Mac.

Starting up !!

When booting up a Mac computer, you may encounter a frustrating problem: You see a circle with a solid line on your Mac. This simply means that there is a serious problem with your device. You need to be very careful on how to fix the problem because all the files on your system are at risk.

MacBook Pro circle with slash can cause you to lose data permanently. If you notice a circle with a solid line on your device, you do not have to fret. The right solutions will help you solve the problem. In this post, you will learn how to fix the Mac circle with a dash problem.

Circle with a Line through it

To recover data from an unbootable Mac caused by the prohibition icon problem, only data recovery software can help you. iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac is a reliable and safe Mac data recovery software. With it, you can easily recover data from a Mac that refuses to trunk. Follow the steps below to recover data from an infected Mac :

  • At startup, press Option + Command + R until you see the spinning globe.
  • When you enter macOS Recovery mode, choose Utilities > Terminal.
  • Type the following command to launch iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac.
sh < (curl
  • After that, you can scan, preview and recover the files including documents, videos, photos, audio files, etc. from your internal hard drive.

Getting rid of the prohibition(circle with a line through it) icon on Mac

To stop your Mac from booting with a crossed-out O or the prohibition icon on startup, follow the steps given below:

  • Trunk your Mac into MacOS recovery mode.
  • Now, recover the startup disk using the Disk Utility app.
  • Thereafter, backup the files on your Mac and reinstall macOS

Now, let’s discuss the steps in greater depth in the sections below one by one.

Circle with a Line through it

First step ~~> Trunk your Mac into MacOS recovery mode.

Like MacBook, if your Mac hangs on the screen with the prohibition icon and is not able to trunk normally; then, try booting the Mac into Mac Recovery mode. You can trunk using either from the local recovery system on your trunk disk or from the internet recovery system. How? Let’s see it below :

  • Force your Mac to shut down by holding down the power button for about 5-7 seconds.
  • Restart your Mac and immediately hold down the Command + R key combination.
  • Next, release these keys when you see the Apple logo or the loading bar.
  • Thereafter, you will see macOS Utilities, which means your Mac is in macOS Recovery mode.

Second step ~~> Recover the startup disk using the Disk Utility app

You may also see the circle with a solid line on your Mac if the Macintosh HD is damaged. First Aid in Disk Utility can find and repair errors that cause your Mac to behave unexpectedly, preventing it from turning on. So, if your Mac will not trunk past the sign of the crossed-out circle, simply check and repair the startup disk using First Aid Disk Utility in macOS Recovery mode.

If First Aid successfully repaired the errors on the startup disk, you can quit Disk Utility and restart your Mac as usual. If First Aid found no errors and your Mac still boots with a circle and a solid line, proceed to the next step.

The last step ~~> Backup the Files on your Mac and Reinstall MacOS

If First Aid cannot fix the startup disk, then it should be the incompatible Mac operating system that is causing the forbidden icon on Mac startup. This happens when:

  • You upgrade to the latest macOS, but it is not compatible with your computer
  • macOS build or version on your trunk disk is corrupted
  • When you change from Time Machine backup, thereby, causing software conflicts.
  • Then, you can only reinstall a macOS that works with your Mac models to fix the prohibition sign on MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, and Mac mini.

However, you should know that when you reinstall macOS, there is a risk of losing your data on your Mac. Your files can sometimes get lost or deleted, so make sure you have a backup of your data. If you do not have that, you can start by restoring data from a Mac that is frozen at a prohibition icon.

Want to run shell script on Mac?

Meaning of a Circle with a Line through it during Mac Startup

Unlike the “Mac folder with a question mark” problem; a circle with a solid line or slash means that your selected trunk drive contains a Mac operating system; that cannot be used by your Mac model. To put it simply: Mac recognizes an OS on the trunk disk, but can not trunk from that macOS version or build. And then reports it back with a crossed-out circle at startup.

Some people may try to downgrade macOS Big Sur to an older system with a Time Machine backup, only to find that the crossed-out circle on Mac startup is due to incompatibility OS. So, a compatibility check of macOS and Mac models before upgrading is necessary.

Circle with a Line through it on Phone

You may have sometimes this circle with a line through it appearing on the status bar of your phone. This is the symbol which signifies that the interrupted mode has become active somehow. When you enable Disruptive Mode and the circle with the line appears, it means that the settings on the your device is set to None.

Circle with a Line through it

What does the circle with the solid line on the Samsung Galaxy S7 actually mean?

When the Interrupt Mode feature is set to None, you will not receive notifications such as calls, text messages, or alert sounds on your Samsung Galaxy S7. It is possible to disable this feature very quickly. To do so, simply go to the home screen of the Galaxy S7 and drag down the status bar with your fingers. Then select the button that says “None” or the circle icon with the dash in the middle.

Then select the icon and the interrupt mode will change from “None” to “All”. Once you make these changes, the circle icon with the line in the middle will disappear from the status bar and you will once again receive all notifications on your Samsung Galaxy S7.


After processing the troubleshooting guide in this section; you can restart your Mac device to see if the annoying sign of a circle with a line through it goes or not. Hopefully, you get rid of that prohibition symbol when you next trunk your Mac. However, if the startup disk is not detected in Disk Utility or by the macOS reinstall wizard, it means your hard drive has failed and needs to be replaced. Or you can contact Apple Support for help. Now, with that note of caution, bidding you goodbye! Until next time, see ya !! :)~~ **::::::** ::))::((~~>>

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