Google Sending Verification Code to Old Number? Google is sending a verification code to my old number; if this is your statement, and you don’t know how to sort it out; then, don’t panic, I have a solution for you. But, before that let us discuss the 2-step Verification method. Why do we need it? And, why do we get Verification Codes?

Two-Step Verification

In these times of uncertainty, constant hacking, data leak, cyber thefts, and other cybersecurity issues; Google as an added security measure has introduced the Two-Step Verification security layer. You can activate this method that acts as an extra security layer above the previous security layers of Google. Whenever you login into your account; you will need to enter verification codes that you receive on your registered phone number.

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Signing in into Google Account without any Verification Code

Remember that each option listed below assumes you have access to a smartphone linked to a Google account.

Find an already signed-in device

If you can not log in to your Google account after losing your phone; try to find a device you are already signed in to. Then,

  • Open Google Account Settings.
  • Go to Security.
  • Next, select 2-Step Verification and click the Disable button.
  • Now, enter the password for your Google account and press Enter to confirm it.
  • That’s it!! You have successfully disabled two-step verifications and now you are ready to sign-in into your Google account using any device.
Google Sending Verification Code to Old Number

Use a trusted device

  • When signing in to your Google Account, you’ll have the option to Stop asking on this computer.
  • It is enabled by default.
  • Now, do you have a phone or tablet that you have signed in to with this Google ID before?
  • If so, there is a chance you can sign-in again, without a Google verification code.
  • You have a history and Google will remember the device.
  • You can find your trusted devices by checking into Google Account Settings. Then going to Security ~~> 2-Step verification ~~> Devices your trust

Use a trusted Wi-fi Network

  • Google considers your home/work Wi-Fi network as a trusted location, thus, you can authenticate your sign-in by connecting your device to these networks.
  • While there is no guarantee that this method will work, it is recommended by Google.
  • So, it’s worth connecting to any networks you have been connected to before.

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Use a Temporary Number

You can ask a friend for help and use his number. Or, if you have another number available at your disposal you can use that. In case, you don’t have a number, you can make use of services like Burner, Hushed, or even SafeText; to get verification codes and sign in to your device. Note, these services take a nominal charge to avail their service.

Google Sending Verification Code to Old Number

Be Patient and Wait

One thing all preachers profess is being patient in situations where everything is going against you. Likewise, if nothing works out and you have recently updated your Number to a new one; just wait for some time, max 48 hours. After that, you will have the new number at your disposal to receive verification codes.

Ask Google for Help

If nothing else works, your only option is to ask Google to restore your account. Let us see how:

  • You need to first click on the “Request Help” option on your verification page.
  • Next, scroll down and click “Continue to Account Recovery”.
  • Answer the series of questions posed by Google to verify your legality.
  • When verified, Google will review your request and you’ll receive an access token to your backup email address.
  • This method usually takes 3-5 business days to elicit a response from Google.

Note: This is not always the best method (you have to answer a hell of a lot of questions, because Google wants to be doubly sure). But, yes it is the ultimate method.

Some precautionary measures to be not caught unawares the next time you face such problems

Set up Backup Codes

When you enable 2FA or 2SV, Google offers you to shop backup codes. You get around ten codes that you can make use of, once each though. To generate backup codes:

  • Open Google Account Settings.
  • Then, go to Security.
  • Next, tap on 2-step Verification from the menu that pops up.
  • Thereafter, select Backup Codes.
  • Note down the codes that you generate in a notebook. And, make use of these when you are in troublesome situations like these.
  • That’s it! You can make use of a backup code and enjoy using your Google Account.

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Use a Security Key

Security keys are a type of USB flash drive designed for 2-step verification. These physical flash drives contain the credentials or keys associated with your Google account. You can buy such a flash drive from Amazon and keep it in your wallet or at your desk. To use the key, you must first link it to your account. To activate the security key:

  • Go to Manage your account.
  • Proceed to Security > 2FA > Security key and follow the steps to link your security key to your account.
  • Now simply use it when logging in.
  • On the verification page, click Try another way > security key.
  • Then, insert the security key to log in.
  • If the key has been correctly linked to your account, you shall login without any problems.

Use Authy

Authy is an authenticator app that supports login with multiple devices. This solves the problem as you can sign in and verify with multiple devices. In case you lose a device, you have another option. If you use Authenticator for multiple services; Authy makes it easier to find the code you need by using logos instead of service names. Unlike other authentication apps like Google, Microsoft, or Lastpass, Authy uses your phone number to sign in.

Use Recovery Email

You must add an email ID, different from your Google account; as a recovery email address so Google can contact you in cases like these. Once you have done this, the process will be easier if you use the Get Help option mentioned above. You can add a recovery email by:

  • Opening Google Account Settings.
  • Then, going to Personal Data and clicking on the Recovery Email option.
  • Here, you can add a recovery email ID.
  • This email ID can then be used in case of emergencies; specially in times, when you are having problems receiving verification codes on your phones.

~~ WRAPPING UP !! ~~> ~~>

In this post, we discussed the issue of Google Sending Verification Code to Old Number. We also learned about the Two-Step Verification security measure from Google. In the process, we learned how to activate the same. We also have some extra precautionary measures that we must activate and use on our Google Accounts to be safe; when we face such a situation wherein we don’t have a phone to receive verification codes and verify our authenticity. On this note, until next time, see ya !! Goodbye !! 🙂 ~~> ~~>

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