Instagram is a very popular social media platforms for sharing pictures and videos. Nowadays, it’s a tradition that almost everyone has an Instagram account. It is becoming quite the frenzied social media application, that developers are eager to update it regularly. Though, it is still not the perfect platform without problems. Occassionally, you may have to face issues such as not being able to log into your account, or not being able to post something on Instagram. Thus, to help you out this post will detail how to solve the issue of can’t post on Instagram. So, worry not and just follow up this guide.

But before we move into the topic straightaway, let us lookat the various reasons why this problem of not being able to post on Instagram, occurs in the first place.

Can’t post on Instagram : Various Reasons ~~>

  • Poor internet connection may prevent you from posting photos and videos on Instagram.
  • Instagram may not recognise the video or image format you are trying to upload.
  • Your Instagram account could be temporarily blocked, disabled or banned from posting activities.
  • You used more than 30 #hashtags in a single post.
  • You might be trying to upload a photo that exceeds the file size limit/maximum aspect ratio set by Instagram.
  • If you can not post long videos, here are the limits Instagram has set: 60 seconds video clip for posts, 15 minutes video for IGTV uploads in the mobile app, 60 minutes video for IGTV uploads on computer, and 15 seconds video clip for Instagram Story.
Can't post on Instagram

Here’s how to resolve the can’t log into Instagram issues !! ~~> ~~>

Can’t post on Instagram

Reboot your device

The easiest solution is to first restart your phone. A simple restart can solve temporary software issues and fix the uploading problem on Instagram.

Smartphone Users
  • Press and hold the power button until you get the Restart option.
  • Then, tap on “Restart phone”.
  • Depending on the phone model, the procedure may be different.

Reduce your file size

If you are trying to upload pictures or videos that were imported directly from your high-quality camera, you may experience uploading issues. Instagram’s file size limit is rarely observed, but you need to know what size and aspect ratio are critical before uploading a high-quality image or video. To fix this problem, you must reduce the file size before uploading.

Clear Cache Data

The steps to clear the cache memory on Android and iOS devices are different but simple. Go through the steps to clear cache memory on each type of device:

Android Users
  • Open Settings app.
  • Then, go to App settings.
  • Select your Instagram app.
  • Thereafter, click on “Storage” and then select “Clear cache”.
iOS Users
  • Go to “Settings” and click “General”.
  • Then, select “iPhone storage” in the “General” section.
  • Thereafter, select the Instagram application.
  • Next, click on “Unload app” to clear Instagram cache.

Note: You can also tap the “Clear app” option to permanently delete all Instagram-related data, and then reinstall the app with fresh data.

Can't post on Instagram

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Check for Instagram’s policy violations

Instagram has strict rules about what kind of images you can upload. They have powerful bots that can quickly identify any image or video that violates the guidelines. Thus, if your image or video violates the guidelines, Instagram will not let you post that image/video. So, make sure your videos comply with the guidelines and that they do not have any copyright issues.

Changing Instagram’s Data Settings

Instagram has data saving settings that prevent you from sharing too many posts at once. To save your internet data, the app disables some of the bulk upload features. To change your data settings:

  • Open Instagram and go to “Settings”.
  • Thereafter, click on “Accounts.”
  • Next, look for “Mobile data usage” setting.
  • Then, turn off the “Data sparing” option.

Clear phone storage

If the storage space on your phone is full, you may encounter this issue. Instagram tries to save uploaded videos/pictures to your local storage. So, you can either disable the “save posted media” option or free up storage space on your phone. You can find these options in the Account Settings app > Original Post option. Therefore,

  • First, open the app.
  • Then, go to “Settings”.
  • Next, tap on “Account”.
  • Then, tap on the original post settings.
  • Check the status of the three options there.
  • Also, make sure that you have unchecked the”save posted videos” and “save posted photos” options.

Note: Alternatively, you can solve this problem by deleting some content from your phone’s memory.

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Update / Uninstall-Reinstall your Instagram app

  • Open Play Store.
  • Go to “My Apps and Games” section > “Installed” tab (for updating, go to “Updates” tab).
  • Now, find and open the Instagram app.
  • Thereafter, click on Uninstall.
  • Next, re-install the app and tha’t it!
  • Thus, you can now sign-in an enjoy your Insta time ?
Cant post on Instagram

Contact Instagram Support

If none of the methods can fix the problem, the ultimate method you can use is to contact the Instagram Help Center to make a request. Instagram’s help center has helpful guides to help you with any issues you may be having with the app. Here is how to do it:

  • Open your browser.
  • Search for “Instagram Help Center”.
  • Now, open the page and click on “login troubleshooting” link on the website.
  • Follow the subsequent instruction and raise the issue.
  • The problem will get easily resolved within 24 hours.

WRAPPING UP !! ~~> ~~>

This post here has easy-to-follow solutions for Instagram for the “Can’t post on Instagram” issue. You need to follow the steps diligently. So, just go and proceed with your experiment and see which solution works best for you. Follow the steps above and you should be able to post pictures or videos on Instagram again. Thus, hoping that this post was worth the wait. On that note, until next time, see ya !! Goodbye !! ~~> ~~>

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