How to unlock locked games on PS4? First up, do you love PS4 games and are eager to play a game but alas! it is locked. What do you do now? PS4 is an eighth generation video game console from The Sony Computer. Entertainment. It has the most powerful APU to date. The console supports HDR10 and 4K resolution multimedia playback. So, let us know about PS4 in more detail.

PlayStation 4

It is one of the best and most successful gaming consoles on the market. For a pro gamer, it is even more important to be familiar with the performance and features of this powerful gaming console. The A-Pro model will come up with additional features. To provide a satisfying experience and meet the small needs of gamers.

Good games on PS4 pave the way for the success of their consoles. Interesting and exclusive games like Death Stranding, FIFA 20, Call of Duty – Modern Warfare, and much more. Although we have a satisfactory catalog of games, sometimes there are problems with the dreaded padlock.

How to unlock locked games on PS4

When you try to open some games, you’ll see a locked icon with a description that you do not have a license to access that game. This can sometimes be temporary. If you have a bad or slow network connection. But if the problem persists for a long period of time, you need to fix it immediately to continue your games on PS4.

So, how do you unlock the padlocked games on PlayStation 4?

Why are some games on PS4 locked for playing?

There are several reasons for the padlocks on PS4. First and foremost, the padlock is a piracy prevention system. This system was enabled to prevent people from sharing their games on PS4. This is because, in order to play games on a PS4 console, you must have a valid license.

The ability to share games leads to the problem that anyone can log in with another person’s account, download the game and play it forever. Sony wants to prevent this by giving rights to the people who actually bought the game. Many are not aware of this problem on their consoles. At an unexpected time, you may see a padlock appear in the bottom right corner. This does not necessarily mean that you are using someone else’s account. It can also occur for many reasons, which we will discuss in the next part of the content.

How to unlock locked games on PS4 ?

Some methods to unlock the locked games in PS4:

  • Restore game license
  • Activate as primary PS4

Restore game license

If you could not play but the game is active, you need to wait for a few minutes. Allow the PS4 to communicate with the PSN servers to check if you have a valid license to access the game. If the problem persists for a long time, try to solve it with the following method:

  • Login into your PSN account.
  • Navigate to Settings and then proceed to Account Management.
  • Thereafter, click on Restore Licenses.
Download Games to your PlayStation
  • Navigate to PS4 library and click on the Purchased option.
  • Then, click on the games ~~> Download.
  • After downloading, it will appear on your console’s home screen.
  • That’s it!! Now the lock will disappear and you enjoy your desired games.

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Activate as primary PS4

In case, the previous method did not work, try this second solution. For primary PS4, the lock will never appear because the licenses are stored on the device and you do not need to restore them all the time.

If you are using a secondary PS4, you will need an active internet connection to restore your PS4 licenses. Any problem with the network connection while restoring the licenses may cause the lock to reappear. Do not worry. You can easily fix the problem by following the steps below carefully:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Thereafter, go to Acount Management.
  • Now, enable the primary option by clicking on it, twice.
  • Thereafter, try to access the game that had a padlock before.
  • Now, you can check if your account is locked.


That’s it! I hope and anticipate that this content is useful and satisfying. With the above steps, you can easily remove the padlock and continue playing with your games. On that note, until next time, see ya!! Goodbye !! ~~> ~~>

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