What does ?mean on Snapchat? In this post, I will be discussing about what does ?mean on Snapchat and also some other topics like what does SFS means on Snapchat? Think about Snapchat before April 2015 and you may recall a world without the Snapchat emoji feature.

Back then, it was all about “best friends” (remember those?!) and figuring out who chatted with whom the most. It was really like spying for the social media age, and it was pretty revealing. But that was more than five years ago now(!) and since then Snapchat has had to compete with other social media apps to stay relevant and play at the top.

Snapchat Emojis ~~>

The competition with other social media platforms and the need to stay relevant and at the zenith, was the cue for the introduction of emojis, which have only created more opportunities for snooping on Snapchat relationships. Each emoji is used to track the activities of you and your friends. Each emoji has a unique meaning that relates to the number of snaps you send each other and how often you reply to messages.

Considering that you probably use the app to take (let us face it) unflattering 2-second selfies and zoom in on your food, would not you like to know what the Snapchat emojis actually mean? Here is a detailed explanation of what the sunglasses emoji and the red heart on Snapchat icons stand for.

Last year, Snapchat secretly added emoji next to your friends’ names in your feed, but did not tell anyone what they actually meant – we have cracked the emoji code so you do not have to wonder what that ? actually means.

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What does ?mean on Snapchat ? ~~>

In this section we will not only look at the smirk emoji but also at some other emojis and their meanings in a well-detailed layout. So, let us start with it:

? Golden star
Did you know that you can play snaps? Many people do not know that. But this star means that the person has replayed your Snap in the last 24 hours by holding it down to see it again – so it must have been good.

? Yellow heart
This is the best emoji you could ask for – you are best friends and send each other the most Snaps in your friends list. That’s a lot of snaps!

‚̧ԳŹ Red Heart
The red heart means the same thing as the yellow – except you have gone two weeks without breaking a sweat.

? Pink hearts
You are really serious about this one, are not you? That’s two whole months of sending snaps to each other, more than anyone else on your friends list. You must really be best friends – there’s no higher level right now.

? Baby
Ahhh, you just became friends with this person – this will show for a week so you know you just made a new friend.

? Face with sunglasses
You are friends with someone who is friends with another one of your friends… what a pun. Basically, you send a lot of snaps to someone who a friend also sends a lot of snaps to. Nice.

Some more facial emojis ~~>

? Grimacing face.
This one is embarrassing. Your best Snapchat friend is someone else’s best Snapchat friend – you are sending the most Snaps to the exact same person as them and basically fighting for their friendship.

? Grinning face
That awkward moment when someone is your best Snapchat friend, but the friendship is not mutual. You get a lot of snaps from him, but you do not reply often. Maybe it’s time to snap back?

? Smiling face
Like best friends, but not Рyou send this person a lot of snaps, but they are not #1… just someone you really like. I see that a lot, whoops.

? Fire
It’s on fire – you have sent this person a Snap every day for a week, which is an impressive level of dedication to this one person. You’ll get more fire the longer this goes on – keep it up!

? One hundred
Wow – you have sent Snaps to this person for 100 days in a row, which is an impressive feat. It also appears next to the fire emoji just to show how good you are: ??.

What does ?mean on Snapchat

‚Ćõ Hourglass
This is a warning – if you do not send a snap now, your lucky streak is over. Hurry up or you’ll never get the ??.

? Birthday Cake
I have never seen this feature in action because your friends have to enable the “Birthday Party” option in the settings. But it does exactly what you’d expect – it reminds you of a friend’s birthday‚Ķ and that’s what Facebook is for.

? View all Snapchat emoji meanings.
??? Customize

Some weird emojis ~~>

You may have added a famous person before and then noticed a weird emoji popping up in your Snapchat Stories. That’s because Snapchat now verifies celebrities with an exclusive emoji for each of them.

There are quite a few famous emojis, like ? for Joe Jonas, ? for Arnold Schwarzenegger, and ? for Jared Leto – maybe one day when I am famous, I can claim ? for myself‚Ķ but then it’s probably too late.

I’ll let you in on a secret: If you do not like any of these emojis or just think they are lame, you can change them to anything you like!

It’s easy: go to your settings, then to ‘Additional Services’ and click Manage. Then select ‘Friend Emojis’ and you’ll see the meaning of each emoji, as well as the option to change it to any emoji you like.

WRAPPING UP !! ~~> ~~>

In this post, we have seen a brief story about Snapchat. Thereafter, we have also acquainted ourselves with some common emojis in this Snap world. Not only that, we also got a look-in at what does ?mean on Snapchat and some other cool but weird emojis. On another day, I will come up with a post detailing how you can create your own customized emoji. On that note, until next time, see ya !! Goodbye !! ~~> ~~>

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