How many characters are in a Tweet? For as long as Twitter has existed, it’s been a place of brevity, if not levity. The original 140-character limit could fit into individual text messages. Want to rant about the NFL, insult your country’s top brass or discuss the parentage of Kylie Jenner’s unborn child? No problem, you can do so, but keep it short though, that’s the only catch.

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How many Characters are in a Tweet? ~~> ~~>

It’s impossible to express a nuanced opinion on politics or encapsulate all the details about your wild weekend in Goa into just 140-odd characters. That’s what the essence of Twitter is, encapsulated, short and crisp views. But from Twitter’s perspective, these limitations also present a problem: If people can not fit their thoughts into 140 characters, they simply will not tweet – bad news for a social media platform struggling with a stagnant user base and dwindling usage.

How many Characters in a Tweet

So what can you do to encourage people to stay on Twitter instead of spewing their thoughts elsewhere? You give them more space. That’s it! So, recently Twitter has upped the character limit to 280 characters after letting a small group of beta testers experiment with this new limit.

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The optimal number of characters in a Tweet ~~>

Though you can have 280-odd characters in each Tweet, in order to get more meaningful engagement, your tweet should be between 71 and 100 characters, according to a study. Thus, it’s best to keep your tweet to the point and short.

Though at times, it may feel like Twitter’s character limit defeats the purpose of your tweet, that’s the way it is. Over time, you’ll get used to the word limit and learn how to tweet and get your point across as concisely as possible.

Only tweeting or knowing the character limit of your tweet on Twitter is not sufficient enough to engage with a wide audience. You will have to gain a wide audience in the first place. So, with this thought in mind, let’s move to the subsequent section to check out various ways that will help you earn more followers, thereby a wider audience on Twitter.

How many Characters in a Tweet

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Some tips on Earning followers on Twitter ~~> ~~>

The first and foremost thing that you shall do to gain more followers is “Complete your Twitter Bio” —> Perhaps the easiest of all ways and one of the first obstructions towards your goal of a large fan following. So, put a clear profile picture, include your shareable contact details, and do not forget to tell something about yourself that will entice people to follow you.

The next thing that you shall do now is “Get yourself Verified” —> The blue-tick marks that you see on celebrity accounts is the verification badge that you earn when you get verified. People are generally enticed to popular and verified accounts because it signifies engaging and meaningful content coming from that verified account.

Miscellaneous Points to Remember? ~~> ~~>

Character limit with spaces

Do spaces count towards the character limit? Obviously, YES. Spaces between words count towards Twitter’s 280-character tweet limit. While you can write without spaces, you will need to include some spaces to increase the readability of the post. So, be careful when writing a long tweet because you do not want users to read the content.

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Does a link get included in the number of characters limit? ~~> ~~>

A URL of any length is truncated/truncated to 23 characters. In other words: If your tweet contains a URL, you only have 257 characters left for the rest of your tweet.
Always be mindful of what links you include in your tweets; as Twitter will verify that the link is safe for users to click on. If Twitter determines that the link/URL is not safe, it will warn users before they click on it.

How many Characters in a Tweet
What about Images, then? ~~> ~~>

This is one safe bet. Images do not count against the character limit for tweets. So, if you want, you can include an image in your tweet to increase your followers’ attention. Also, mentioning usernames does not count as a character for your tweet. So do not hesitate to mention people in your tweets.

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WRAPPING UP !! ~~> ~~>

In this post, I think I have done well enough to have given you enough idea about the number of characters in a Tweet. I hope, you got a fair enough idea though. So, try your hands on tweeting but keep the character limit in mind. On that note, until the next time, see ya !! Goodbye !! ~~> ~~> ~~>

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