In this digitalized world, technology addiction is the most common problem. Not only children but even adults are also addicted to their cell phones. Are you concerned about your child’s extended screen time? For mature parenting, extended parental controls with smart activity tracking are inevitable. Who your child interacts with, what type of content they watch and listen to, and who they turn to when faced with personal issues all play a critical role in shaping your child’s little world. On that note, you will get to learn about various parental controls on iPhone.

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Parental Controls iPhone

If you do not know what your child likes and how he spends his time when he’s not around you, you’ll never know what direction he’s headed. When it comes to mastering the art of parenting, it’s important to find a good balance. This is where a robust parental control tool like Screen Time can make your task quite simple, thanks to intuitive insights and better mastery. So, if you are ready to unleash the full potential of this parenting tool, I’ll show you how to set up parental controls on your iPhone and iPad.

Parental Controls iPhone

How to implement Parental Controls on iPhone? ~~>

There are numerous benefits of using parental controls to remotely control your child’s cell phone activity. So, let’s see some effective ways you can set up parental controls on your child’s iPhone to limit screen time and reduce tech addiction.

Enable Screen Time

Using “Screen Time” you can check the websites your child visits, and their apps, and track social media activity. Limiting in-app purchases and downloads is also possible when you enable screen time on your child’s iPhone/iPad. So, let’s see what you need to do:

  • Open the device Settings.
  • Check out the “Screen Time” option and click on “Turn on Screen Time”.
  • Thereafter, click Next on the prompts and proceed to select the option of “this device is your child’s device”.
  • That’s it!

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Use Screen Time Passcode

Using a screen time passcode is another effective way to set up parental controls on your child’s iPhone or iPad and limit screen time. You can also monitor phone activity, but also limit the time spent on apps or websites. So, let’s see how to set up the passcode:

  • Open the device Settings.
  • Check out the “Screen Time” option and click on “Turn on Screen Time”.
  • Thereafter, select the “Use screen time passcode” option and proceed to enter your screen time password.
  • Next, enter a recovery Apple ID to reset or change the passcode if you forget the passcode.
  • That’s it! Setting up screen time passcode is complete.
Parental Controls iPhone

Use Family Sharing

Once you are connected to family sharing, you can access any of the devices. The app you have downloaded or purchased on one device can be accessed with other devices within the Family Share circle. Also, all the family members can watch the same TV shows, movies, or books once you enable purchase sharing. So, here’s what you need to do:

  • Open the device Settings.
  • Then, tap on your name > “Family Sharing” > “Set up your Family”.
  • Thereafter, proceed to add up members in your family sharing group.
  • Next, go back and select “Screen Time” > Tap on your child’s name in the “Family Sharing”.
  • That’s it!

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Use built-in downtime ~~> ~~>

Downtime is a parental control feature of the iPhone/iPad that allows you to restrict the use of apps or other activities on your child’s device. By using Downtime, you can set a time frame daily, weekly, or forever. So, let’s proceed toward setting up the downtime:

  • Open the device Settings.
  • Then, select the “Screen Time” option > “Time Out” > “Scheduled”
  • Thereafter, you will see the “From” and “To” options to schedule the downtime for each day.
  • Next, if you also want to block websites/apps or other features, then proceed to check the “Block on downtime” option.
  • Voila! You have successfully set up downtime.

Set up content and privacy restrictions

  • Open the device Settings > “Screen Time” > “This is my child’s device”.
  • Thereafter, enter the screen time passcode and select the “Enable the content and privacy restrictions” option.
  • That’s it! The power is in your hands and you can restrict the contents as you want.
Parental Controls iPhone

Set up Communication Time Limits

You can limit the communication time and exclude some contacts you do not want your child to contact. Here’s how you can set it up:

  • Open the device Settings > “Screen Time” > “Communication Limits”.
  • Then, enable “Allow contact editing”.
  • Next, click on “During screen time” and proceed to add specific contacts.
  • Thereafter, go back and click on “During Downtime” and follow the prompt to set up the allowed communication and contacts.

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Want to disable Parental Controls on your iPhone? ~>

The iPhone’s built-in parental controls are a great tool for parents to keep their kids safe. But as your kids mature, you’ll probably want to customize the settings to give them more options. Whether you want to customize them or disable them altogether, here is how to disable parental controls on iPhone:

  • Open the device Settings > “Screen Time” > “Content & Privacy Restrictions”.
  • Thereafter, to disable all screen time settings, tap Disable Screen Time.
  • Finally, toggle the Content & Privacy Restrictions slider to disable parental controls.

WRAPPING UP !! ~~> ~~>

In this post, I think I have done well enough to have given you enough ways to set up parental control on your child’s iPhone/iPad devices. All the methods above are literally very easy. So, try your hands on any of the methods and set up monitoring of your child’s activities. I hope, you like the post and find it useful. In case, if you have any queries, you can definitely post them in the comments section. And I will readily try to answer them. On that note, until the next time, see ya !! Goodbye !! ~~> ~~> ~~>

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