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WarZone No Gulag Mo Problems

“Mo Gulag” is Russian slang for “More Problems”. If you would have been a sincere history student, you will definitely know that gulags are Russian prison camps during the Soviet Union era, which is very fitting for a world-famous game like frames per second

Warzone has seasonal playlists where they even had an April Fools playlist for players to check out. Mo Gulag Mo Problems is part of the seasonal playlist that the developers released as a joke for April Fool’s Day.

WarZone No Gulag Mo Problems

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How does Mo Gulag Mo Problems work?

Call of Duty or COD is among the most played and most hyped Battle Royale games. Modern Warfare 2019’s standalone Warzone expansion is not only a unique addition to the game franchise but also helps COD develop crossovers for new releases and features.

Warzone has come with elements from iconic Call of Duty releases, MW 2 and COD Black Ops, to engage players. On that note, “Mo Gulag Mo Problems” is a playlist for gamers from the developers of Warzone. It modifies the already existing “Gulag” in the game. In the regular Warzone playlists, players are locked up and exiled to the Gulag after dying on the battlefield. This is an afterlife arena where they must compete in 1v1 duels.

If you win a duel in the Gulag, you get another chance to win the game. However, if you lose the duel, you lose your chance at redemption and either has to give up or wait out the duration of the current game.

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“Mo Gulag Mo Problems,” as the name implies, gives players access to as many Gulag duels as they want. The only catch is that you have to win every time you get into the Gulag. Every time you win in the Gulag, your counter gets a reset, so you always have a second chance to compete.

It’s a bit of a relief that you can respawn in the Gulag. But, as with normal Warzone matches, the prison closes as soon as the endgame begins. In fact, players can only return to the battlefield if they survive the Gulag; and they will only be returned to the Gulag as long as they survive their last Gulag visit.

However, if you get knocked down and killed in the Gulag, you can hardly believe your luck and have to beg your friends again to get back into the game.

WarZone No Gulag Mo Problems

Issues that Mo Gulag Mo Problems handle

Due to the features mentioned above, an infinite stimulant glitch reappears. It’s a new system bug that makes players invisible, and all the trouble with the shadow banners has really taken a toll on the game’s reputation among pro gamers and streamers, but Mo Gulag Mo Problems might help the game’s legendary reputation a bit.

Mo Gulag Mo Problems can be presented as a solution to the problems that players constantly face due to hackers and glitches. Players will get the chance to experience extra action without any hassles from annoying players having all the hacked performance boosts.

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WarZone No Gulag Mo Problems Rules

For the newbies who have not had a chance to play the game in the beginning, Warzone Mo Gulag Mo Problems allows you to return to the battlefield several times as long as you bear the brunt and survive the gulag. After you get killed, you get revived in the Gulag and get a chance for a second life, provided you win the Gulag. The problem with this is that if you are down again, you’ll probably return back to the Gulag to fight for your life.

If you keep getting down in the early stages of the game, you always have a chance to win your Gulag game. There is a silver lining though as there is an exclusion zone at the traffic circles of the fifth circle; which ensures that the last circle is not dominated by a turkey shoot.

New Offerings in War Zone

Warzone has always been getting makeovers with seasonal and festival themes since its launch in 2020. Recently, it got a Christmas makeover with the Festive Fervor update and the release of Caldera, a snow-covered map. Some of the additions are:

  • Elf and the Quest Event.
  • Krampus Survival Event.
  • Snowy Caldera Map

Note: These exciting additions are part of the “Vacation Event” and will disappear with the start of Christmas.

WarZone No Gulag Mo Problems


Another exciting addition is the Rose skin. This new skin is completely dark, giving players an amazing tactical advantage in dimly lit areas. There are two ways a player can unlock the Rose skin in Warzone. Namely, reach level hundred in the Battle Pass for Season 4; or purchase the Rose Operator Bundle that costs around 2400CPD points.

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