If you are an avid racing enthusiast and love playing hardcore car racing games, and find thrill and adventure in speed, then here’s a game for you: The Beaming Drive. On that note, in this blog, I will talk about how to get Beaming Drive on Xbox One. Is there any way out to play this PC game on any other platform/medium? So, let’s start right away but first up we will take a look at some more information on the Beaming Drive Game.

Beaming Drive: The Game for Racers

It is a car simulator game in which the driver learns about the behavior of cars when they actually collide. What sets this game apart from other simulator games is that the logic and physics applied are quite accurate, even in collisions. This to go with realistic gameplay controls makes this an even better and amazing experience.

This is basically a PC game but can you play it on your Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or PlayStation. We will be discussing it all in a while and bringing out the answers.

How to get Beaming Drive on Xbox One

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How does Beaming Drive work?

This Beaming Drive game basically makes you experience a car crash situation, say a Bugatti Veyron suddenly being out of control and ending up colliding with a large lorry.

The game is designed in such a way that if you are not satisfied with your current cars including those in your garage, you can even add more cars, even domestic ones. And when you add a new car, you definitely want its durability to be checked. Therefore, the game offers “crash tests”, in which you’ll ironically test your car by wrecking it.

Also, thanks to the excellent use of spin physics, you’ll be able to easily drive through the tracks, drifting in the corners and trying not to crash the car, pun intended.

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Features of the Beaming Drive Game ~~>

Its graphics are quite impressive. Even though the environment might disappoint you, you should definitely check out the realistic cars. Not only the sound effects also of great quality. The developers have paid great attention to the various sound effects, be it the sound of the tires or the engine. Thus, it is a well-acknowledged and one of the most popular racing games out there.

  • Realistic crashes: physics through soft body dynamics.
  • The training levels.
  • The availability of a number of vehicles.
  • The various customizable mods.
How to get Beaming Drive on Xbox One

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  • As its high on graphics and effects, it requires powerful hardware
  • The process is pretty aimless
  • You need to shell out quite some cash to buy this (it’s not free).
  • It is not yet legally/officially available for Mac, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or even the Play Station.

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How to get Beaming Drive on Xbox One?

As much as the racing game enthusiasts want to play this game on platforms like Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or even the Play Station. Officially there hasn’t been a release of a version for these devices nor is there any communication available in this regard. But, do not lose hope as here’s good news for you all.

Microsoft now allows Xbox One owners to stream their PC games to the console and play them with a controller. The Wireless Display App, from Microsoft, enables this support, allowing you to play Steam games or other titles directly on an Xbox One. A normal Xbox controller can be used to control the PC remotely, so games can be played or even an Xbox can be used for presentations.

Microsoft’s Wireless Display app uses Miracast to connect between the PC and the Xbox One, and you can connect to the Xbox using the “Windows + P” keys in combination. There are different latency modes for games and videos from a remote PC, and the app is ideal if you want to project a stream or video to the Xbox.

How to get Beaming Drive on Xbox One


In this post, I think I have done well enough to give you a realistically clear idea of the topic. Officially there is no word on a release version for Xbox One or any other platform, other than your PC. But, I have obviously given you good news in the form of the Wireless Display App, and hence this is the answer to your question, “How to get Beaming Drive on Xbox One”. So, try your hands on the Wireless Display App and fulfill your wish. With that, leaving you in good spirits, until the next time, see ya !! Goodbye !! ~~> ~~>

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