Does Klarna accept Chime? Although the question is one of those that are always asked in different regions of the USA, the world of the Internet, unfortunately, lacked a detailed answer to it, but not anymore. I am here, now, with a definitive answer to your question. So, let’s start unraveling the answer right away!

Chime — What is it?

Chime is a platform that allows users to set up savings and checking accounts. The platform also offers card-based services. The card offered is a debit card in collaboration with the well-known Visa brand. Surprisingly, Chime doesn’t earn from account opening fees but takes a portion of the transaction fee that Visa usually charges merchants when a customer uses the card offered by Chime.

Here are some features that make Chime one of the most popular platforms in the US:

  • Chime offers customers the ability to get their paycheck two days early.
  • With Chime, users get two types of automatic savings features.
  • The first allows customers to round up debit card payments to the nearest dollar, while the other works automatically to direct a certain portion of each paycheck to that savings account.
Does Klarna Accept Chime

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Klarna — What is it?

Klarna is a Swedish company that operates mainly in the United States and some other countries. It is one of those platforms that offer the “Buy Now, Pay Later” service; offering its services to more than 90 million active users.

How to add a card to your Klarna account?

A user can add a card to a Klarna account in several ways. Let’s see these, one by one.

Using the Klarna App
  • Launch Klarna.
  • Then, sign in to your account.
  • Thereafter, tap on the “Payment Methods” option.
  • Now, go to “My Klarna” > “Add Card/Add Bank Account”.
  • Now, fill in your details and complete the process.
  • That’s it! Enjoy:)
Using the Klarna Web
  • Open the Google Chrome browser.
  • Visit the official Klarna page.
  • Thereafter, sign in to your account.
  • Now, go to the “Payment Methods” option.
  • Next, proceed to select “Add Card/Add Bank Account”.
  • Finally, fill in your details and complete the process.
  • That’s it! Enjoy:)
Does Klarna Accept Chime

What cards does Klarna accept?

The Klarna customer service page clearly mentions that the company accepts all major debit and credit cards, including, Mastercard, Discover, Visa, and others. In the case of Capital One, it restricts the use of their credit cards on Klarna purchases. In other words, you can’t use Capital One credit cards to complete Klarna purchases, similar to how you can’t use PayPal Pay in 4. Fortunately, however, Capital One debit cards can be used for the same.

On a similar note, Klarna does not accept prepaid cards, be it Venmo, Cash App, or any other card whatsoever.

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Does Klarna Accept Chime?

Now, coming to the main question for this post does Klarna Accept Chime? Actually, to our utter disappointment, unfortunately, the answer to this question is a big “NO“. Klarna doesn’t cooperate with Chime in any way. Even though Chime’s debit card is supported by Visa, Klarna doesn’t accept it. Nevertheless, you can use your Chime credit card with Klarna.

Why not does Klarna accept Chime?

I will post an answer directly from Klarna in response to a query posted on the app by a random user. Klarna stated, “Unfortunately, we were forced to stop accepting Chime due to many denied payments. This, in turn, has resulted in our customers incurring fees and, in some cases, collection accounts.” It’s pretty clear that Klarna has decided to temporarily stop accepting Chime Card due to the payment denial issues.

Does Klarna Accept Chime
Future Scenario:-

Although it’s not really possible to give a preview of the future, the restriction seems to be temporary given the nature of the errors users are experiencing. Moreover, the Klarna website doesn’t explicitly mention that Chime cards will be rejected. So, we can assume that the situation will evolve in favor of Chime users in the future.

What about Chime credit cards — Does Klarna accept Chime credit cards?

Some users have reported that Chime credit cards work with Klarna, while others claim this to be a false narrative. So, it’s better to find it out for yourself. Let’s see how to check if the Chime credit card, works with Klarna:

  • Launch the Chime app.
  • Thereafter, tap on “Settings”.
  • Now, tap on the “Credit Builder Card” option.
  • Next, click on the “Try Credit Builder” button.
  • Now, confirm for yourself if your Chime credit card is being accepted by Klarna 🙂

Note: To qualify for the Chime Credit Builder, you must’ve received a direct deposit of at least $200. This is the qualifying amount, and the time frame is 365 days.

WRAPPING UP — Does Klarna Accept Chime? –>

In this post, you have got knowledge on the topic, does Klarna accept Chime? Not only that, but you also learned more about Klarna, how it works with Chime, and other elements that somehow relate to our topic of discussion for today. So, on that note, let’s keep it at that. Until next time, see ya!! Goodbye!! –>

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