As you know, every now and then a new app, a new update, or even a new feature comes through. And, it’s not every day that you are aware of the functionalities of these things. One such app is the latest Samsung camera app which comes into your device as you update your device to the latest Android 12 OS version. On that note, if you want to get acquainted with the Deco Pic and want to know what is Deco Pic on Android? Then, be right here with me, as I am about to discuss the same. So, here you go then. Let’s embark right away on this eventful journey.

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What is Deco Pic on Android?

The latest Samsung update apparently installs an app called “Deco Pic”, which many users call bloatware. Timely updates have never been Samsung’s strong suit, but that has changed in recent years when the company has been a bit more proactive with its smartphone update schedule. Unfortunately, while most updates bring new features and bug fixes, the latest one seems to bring a new app that not many are happy about.

Unwanted apps are a problem throughout the Android ecosystem, not just on Samsung devices. For this reason, many Android users prefer Google’s Pixel phones, which offer a pure Android experience without the bloat.

What is Deco Pic on Android

On that note, the Deco Pic application is a sort of unnecessary addition to the UI. And, lest I forget, the number of permissions it asks for, most of which are not required for apps in its category, it’s simply a nuisance. The app’s listing page on the Galaxy Store even admits that it requires a phone, location, and microphone permission, which is not common for photo editing apps.

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Yet, the features of the Deco Pic Application –>

Deco Pic is Samsung’s in-house photo and video editing app that offers several features, including live stickers, masks, and more.

Some of the Deco Pic app’s features, such as stickers and masks, were already available as part of the default camera app on Samsung phones, but the company has seemingly, now developed a separate app in the belief that these features will be more accessible to users.

How to use the Deco Pic App? –>

Deco Pic offers various GIFs, masks, frames, and stamps that you do not need an image editing app to use. You can select them from each section and resize them to fit your photo. There’s also a “Recently Used” section that displays your most recently used items. So, let’s see some of the features that the Deco Pic app has to offer and that you can use for your own good.

The GIFs:

  • A moving GIF sticker is applied to the preview image.
  • Entering the keywords will retrieve matching GIF images.

The Masks:

  • A unique mask is applied to your face.
  • The mask shows interesting effects like funny, emotional, different types of glasses, caps, etc. depending on the facial expression.
What is Deco Pic on Android

The Frames:

  • These are beautiful frames of nature, street, birthday, moon, etc.
  • You can use them to decorate your pictures and can have fun with them.

The Stamps:

  • These are in different letter style decorating pictures, such as today’s day/date, your phone’s name, and many others.

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Is the Deco Pic on Android a Bloatware/Malware?

Though it’s a planned introduction, however, not many people agree with the new application. And, in a Reddit thread, many say that the change has left them confused as to whether it is malware that has somehow found its way onto their device. Fortunately, it is not malware in the truest sense of the word, but since it is an unwanted app for most users, it could certainly be categorized as bloatware.

So, if that’s the case, then there must be ways to uninstall this unwanted app (especially for users who seriously don’t want this app on their devices). Surely, there are multiple ways to do that, we will look at one of the sure-shot ways to get rid of the app from your device forever and evermore.

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Uninstalling the Deco Pic App on Android

To uninstall the Deco Pic on Android, here’s the aptest method that you need to follow:

  • Open the device’s “Settings” App.
  • Go to the “Apps” section.
  • There, you need to search for the “Deco Pic” application.
  • Thereafter, tap on the three-dots menu button > “Uninstall Updates”.
  • This will surely relieve you of the application.
  • Enjoy your time out there 🙂
What is Deco Pic on Android


If you’re fed up with the unwanted Deco Pic app, the above steps will keep you in good stead. On that note, in this post, I thus think I have done well enough to have given you ample idea of what is the Deco Pic app on Android. This guide will surely be the answer to all your relevant queries. On that note, until the next time, see ya!! Goodbye!!

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