what is ui ux testing ? here is the Detailed UI Testing Guide, which covers the fundamentals of UI testing, its range, and how to develop useful UI test scenarios, before beginning with this follow-up article. here we go to know what is ui ux testing ?

What is UI?

The user interface is everything a user connects to in order to use a digital good or service (UI). This includes everything, including keyboards, screens, and lights. However, it is useful to learn more about the UI’s history and how it came to be the best handle and work in order to adapt to the change.

Scope of UI testing:

Data type errors: The test verifies that specific data fields, such as dates, currencies, etc., can only accept exact data.

Field widths: The test makes sure that only a small number of text fields allow users to log in over a specific aspect check.

Aspects of navigation: The test verifies that all navigational buttons are functional and direct users to the correct page.

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UI test scenario creation

The test script must include the following scenarios:

1.User provides a unique username and password.
2.The user provides a unique username and an incorrect password.
3.Password migration by the user
4.The user tries to copy the password from the field for passwords.
5.To the password field, the user tries to copy the password.
6.The user presses the help button.

In addition, there are a few tools like RAPISE by Inflectra, Abbot Java GUI Test Framework, AutoIt UI testing, CubicTest, eggPlant UI automation testing, FitNesse, and Ascentialtest that assist with our UI testing.

What is UX?

User experience, or UX, developed as a result of the distinctions from UI. As soon as there was preservation for people to work with, their behavior—whether it was favourable, unfavourable, or neutral—changed how they felt about those changes.

UX testing’s scope

Where do I click next?
Which page should be managed?
Which slang or icon accomplishes what?
Error messages are not always reliable or displayed.
The period is unacceptable.

UX Testing Checklist:

1.Start the UX testing process early in the designing and development process.
Before we start developing, it is a good technique to handle usability testing on client applications.

2.This will enable us to control usability criteria for the intended audience.
3.Select the appropriate individuals to test the system.
4.Testers must focus on the application’s most important and frequently used features.
5.choose just one observer to watch each test. This makes it easier for the observer to accurately record the tester’s behavior. Results may be simpleton if an overlooker is assigned to multiple testers.

Usability testing Advantages:

1.It assists in identifying usability problems before the application is made available.

2.It promotes improved end-user achievement.

3.The system becomes very active and effective as a result.

Usability testing disadvantages:

1.In usability testing, the quantity is a key topic of discussion.

2.A large collection of items is required to outfit a usability testing laboratory.

3.Usability tester administration and hiring can both be expensive.

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