So you’ve been getting unsolicited cards like a Netspend card in your mail. And, are wondering, why am I getting a Netspend Card in the Mail? Worry not! As am I here to discuss and make you aware about the same and also about the various next steps that you can employ when you get a Netspend Card in your inbox, the next time.

Why do I keep getting NetSpend cards in the mail?

A NetSpend card is a type of virtual utility that’s required to open a new account for free direct deposit if you don’t already have a card. In the mail you’ll find information on how to set up Direct Deposit and where to find your routing and account numbers. But, I have seen that why do I keep getting Netspend card in the mail, is a constantly frequent question asked in finance circles. You may be receiving a NetSpend MasterCard in the mail for one of the following reasons:

  • Instead of a pre-approved application, NetSpend has unexpectedly sent some people a Visa debit card. To activate these cards, the company mails them to your address.
  • Another possibility is that the IRS sends you prepaid debit cards as a recipient of stimulus funds. The Treasury Department seals these white envelopes that contain the debit cards.
  • You receive this NetSpend card because IRS doesn’t have your direct deposit information or the bank has declined payment and is refunding the money.
  • If your account was terminated, you’d receive this NetSpend Debit MasterCard in the mail. This money will be sent to your current address.
Why am I getting Netspend Card in the Mail

So, you see there are a hell lot of reasons that you may be getting these Netspend cards. So, don’t panic and take a calm, composed and informed decision. For which you need to read right through the last word of this article. So proceed with renewed vigor 🙂


  • Fees apply and there’s a maximum amount you can withdraw at one time. For example, ATM withdrawals have a limit of $1,000 per day per transaction.
  • Also, each transaction to a bank account is capped at $2500.

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What should I do if I receive a Netspend card? –>

Ok, so you’ve got an unsolicited Netspend card in your mail and you don’t know why you’ve got it and what should you do with it. I’ve got you covered here. Don’t flush that card in the drain! Remember, that it is always a possibility that maybe another person has applied in your name, a clear case of identity theft. In such cases, the first thing you should do is freeze your credit card immediately. Thereafter, proceed to close your account. Because if you fail to do so, there is always a high chance that your credit file may show an account with an open line of credit, a certain cause of some lenders reluctant to deny you credit the next time. So, in the subsequent sections, I will be detailing the various methods you can proceed with, if you’ve received an unsolicited card. So, here’s the first one:

Why am I getting Netspend Card in the Mail
Close your account — How?—-Let’s see 🙂

First of all, make a note of the card details, including the account number, card number, expiry date and everything of significance or better if you make a copy of your card.

Next, call up the card issuer and inform them that it is an unsolicited card, not wanted/requested by you, but delivered nonetheless without your consent, in violation of the law of the land. Also, inform that the company must cancel that account and also give in writing that it hasn’t and also will not report the account to a credit reporting agency.

Send Confirmation –>

Thereafter, you may even send them a confirmation letter by verified and certified mail, also requesting a return receipt to the company. To take a more drastic step, you can even send a complaint to the CFPB.

Next, Get your credit reports and examine them carefully –>

Now, wait for say a month’s time and then you proceed to get copies of your credit reports and check to see if the account isn’t there on the reports. If you find other accounts on your reports that don’t belong to you, you need to file an objection with the credit reporting agency and contact them immediately.

In case, the situation is more troublesome, talk to an attorney –>

If an identity thief has opened new accounts in your name and you need help dealing with the consequences, as you are not able to handle it all alone. Then, you should contact an identity theft attorney or consumer protection attorney.

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Is it safe to use Netspend cards I receive in the mail?

Genuine NetSpend cards work once they’re activated and loaded. Netspend cards are great for people with poor credit card histories who like to store online. On that note, some of the use cases for the Netspend card is:

  • You can register your Netspend card for government funding checks. Not only that, even for your mortgage payments too.
  • You can use it to make purchases at online stores and merchants that accept Visa.
  • Also get cash back when you buy something, transfer money or use a ATM.
Why am I getting Netspend Card in the Mail

How do I recognize a legitimate Netspend card?

  • The U.S. Treasury Department mails NetSpend cards in a white envelope. The MetaBank issues this prepaid debit card which has the Visa logo on the front and Money Network” written at the back.
  • Your junk mail may contain an important debit card in the form of a promotional check, so don’t throw it away.
  • Check your NetSpend online account center regularly to make sure all transactions are valid.
  • Call the Netspend team to verify the authenticity of your card.

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Government benefits that can be deposited directly into my Netspend card account –>

Your Netspend account facilitates you to avail of any of the following benefits:

  • Pensions and other regular payments
  • Social security payments
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)
  • Veterans Administration compensation and pension
  • State unemployment compensation (varies by state)
  • Railroad retirement benefits (RRB)
Why am I getting Netspend Card in the Mail


By now, I can vouch that you have got the answers to your question, why am I getting Netspend Card in the mail. Not only that you are also aware of the pros and cons of such a card and also how to deal with unwanted/unsolicited cards and many other facets of the Netspend card. So, now that you know it all I can rest my case now. And thus, rest assured that I have done my job to the best of my ability. With that, until the next time, see ya!! Goodbye!!

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