Do you want to know about the Waves MaxxAudio Service Application? What it is? Is it harmful? How to update it? How to disable it? There are many questions that you may have and so you’ve come here. So, worry not you won’t go back empty-handed. You will surely get answers to your queries.

The Waves MaxxAudio Service application is one such application that starts running immediately on startup. It takes a lot of RAM storage and thus may at times slow down the overall performance. So, let us see all these questions in a bit more detail now in the subsequent sections. Thus, let’s get started with it right away!

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What is Waves MaxxAudio Service Application? ~~>

This application is produced by Waves Audio. But, this outdated model, which goes with the name “WavesSvc64.exe”, can cause quite a few problems on your device; like slowing down your system or causing a variety of errors.

Waves MaxxAudio Service Application

This WavesSvc64.exe application is usually found in the subdirectory of “C:/Program Files” on most devices, but more typically on Dell laptops. Also, there is no visible window for this and it is also not visible in the taskbar. This application may be able to log keystrokes on the system, monitor programs, and enhance various Windows tasks.

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Is Waves MaxxAudio dangerous? ~~> ~~>

This Waves MaxxAudio Service application is part of Maxx Audio Installer. It may also come renamed with the name, Realtek High Definition Audio Driver from time to time. Though, it will surely not cause, any issues, most of the time. But, at times, it may cause an effect on the device audio that uses the Andrea Audio Commander driver, which is an exception for a few devices.

You can test the CPU usage of the mentioned software by going to the Task Manager app and clicking the Disk option on the top to list all the software. Also, you can test if you are using the same technique by browsing Task Manager. There are also cases when many Trojan malware tries to disguise its real identification by calling itself WavesSvc64.exe. But, with tools like Security Task Manager, you can confirm its origin and check whether it is a malware version of the software.

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Why do device makers pre-install these apps? 

Over quite 95% of the people that use smartphones within the world are android users. So, some applications which could seem non-useful to some people may convince be of immense importance to others. In the same way, apps like the Waves MaxxAudio may become irritating and absolutely non-useful to you but maybe useful to other people. Hence, there are some apps that come pre0installed in your device.

Now, let’s see some disadvantages of this application and why uninstalling /disabling it is a safe option, that does not hamper the stability of your device.

Waves MaxxAudio Service Application

Disadvantages of having an application like Waves MaxxAudio Service ~>

There are several issues due to this app that may deteriorate the performance of your device. Some of these are:

Continuous CPU Usage ~~>

As this is often a font app, it’ll be running continuously using the CPU. This small app can drain an excessive amount of battery because it keeps the CPU awake.

RAM Usage ~~>

We all know, that since this app is using the CPU to run it means obviously that it is also using RAM. This unnecessary app usage of RAM might hamper your device.

Storage Usage ~~>

This app additionally uses memory space for storing the device to store the files of this app. It may also probably hamper your device. This application utilizes a good measure of memory, so if your extra memory finishes up, this might be a cause of the problem for you. Thus, it gets extremely irritating for individual users when extra storage usage occurs.

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Updating the Waves MaxxAudio pro? ~~> ~~>

To update the Waves MaxxAudio pro application:

  • Open the file location and then, download and install all the pre-requisites specified in the dialog box when you double click on the file.
  • Next, click the Install button.
  • Thereafter, follow the further instructions to perform the update.
  • That’s it!
Waves MaxxAudio Service Application

Removing the Waves MaxxAudio Service Application?

If you finally decide to uninstall it, then proceed as below:

  • Open the Task Manager or press Ctrl+Alt+Del.
  • Locate the various tabs like Processes and performances and thereby, select the “Autostart” tab.
  • Thereafter, right-click on the “Waves MaxxAudio Service Application” and tap Disable.
  • If you discover the utility and have already disabled the feature, go to the Services tab at the top and select “Open Services” at the bottom.
  • Then, scroll all the way down to WavesSysSvc, click on it and go to the “Properties” option > “Manual” > “Apply” > “OK”
  • Next, access the Device Manager.
  • Thereafter, click the arrow next to “Sound, video, and leisure controllers” and make sure that a USB device or microphone is plugged in.
  • Thus, under the “Sound, video, and leisure controllers” option, click Andrea PureAudio USB-SA and click “Uninstaller”.
  • Finally, click on “Delete the Drive Force software program for this tool” > “Uninstall”.

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WRAPPING UP !! ~~> ~~>

In this post, I think I have done well enough to have given you ample information on the Waves MaxxAudio Service application. I hope to have answered all your queries and have also provided you with a lot of fixes. Do utilize these easy-to-use fixes and get your job done. In case, you have any further queries then, do write to me in the comments section. With that, on that note, until the next time, see ya !! Goodbye !! ~~> ~~> ~~>

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