So, what is Agile Methodology? Why should you as individual/organization embrace it for Software Development? What are the benefits of Agile Methodology? What are the values and rules of Agile Methodology? The types of Agile Frameworks? So, if these are your questions, then, you were destined to be here. I am about to throw light on theese topics with great information and knowledge for you. Accompany me in this informative journey and transform your lives. On that note, now, let’s get going right away with the topics.

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What is Agile Methodology or Agile Project Management?

The Agile Methodology is an iterative approach to product delivery. It builds incrementally starting from the beginning of the project, rather than trying to deliver the entire product at once toward the end. The approach is based on the Agile Manifesto published in 2001 by a group of programmers.

In the Agile way of working, your break down a project into small pieces of user functionality. Thereafter, they are prioritized, and then continuously delivered in cycles of 2-4 weeks called iterations/sprints.

Teams generally work in short cycles aimed at continuous improvement to develop only what users want. Work objectives are set by the team before the start of each cycle. The team communicates directly with the customer when they have questions about the feature.

What is Agile Methodology

The product owner analyzes the ustomer’s priorities and passes it onto the team to continue working on the highest priority tasks. The team estimates how much time the work will take in an iteration. And, also how the work will be accomplished.

Here, your performance gets measured by your end-customers at the end of each sprint/iteration. You take forward, the learning that you have at the end of each sprint. Thereafter, deliberate upon these learnings in retrospective sessions. And, finally, work upon them in future sprints. In this way, products are constantly improved and the process of their development is also improved.

Why should you embrace it for Software Development?

Is your organization on the path to Agile project management? Do you want to smoothen the process and optimize your capabilities in Software Development? Many companies out there, use Agile methodologies. This increases their team performance, improves customer satisfaction, and also increases their project versatility.

Companies that have adopted Agile methods are able to respond to market dynamics and successfully complete more of their projects. Agile training is ideal for getting your organization and project team up to speed on the fundamentals of Agile and its associated implementation methods. Agile training can clear up many misconceptions and misunderstandings about how Agile works. It can also help explain the underlying Agile concepts and clarify the differences between the various implementation methods.

When companies describe problems with “Agile,” they often mean challenges in executing an Agile methodology. If all members of the project team participate in a common training session, ideally in the same class, some of these issues will eliminate automatically. The entire team should hear the same message, concepts and implementation tactics to create a common language and perspective. This shared understanding increases the likelihood that the team will use a common language and common practices when reviewing and adapting, reducing conflict in the future.

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Agile Values —- What are they –>

The history of Agile as we know it today dates back to 2001. In response to waterfall project management, where a software project is organized as a series of linear processes. A group of software developers wrote the Agile Software Development Manifesto.

The programmers proposed a new approach to software development and described four key characteristics that they believed should take precedence over other concerns. As they put it, Agile software development teams should value the following:

  • Self and communications more than methodologies/processes and/or tools.
  • Working software rather than extensive documentation
  • Collaborating with the customer rather than negotiating contracts
  • Responding to change versus following a plan

The Agile manifesto does not aim to prescribe a set of practices; it is a guide to a new way of thinking about software development. This has produced many practical results. Rather than developing software sequentially from one phase to the next, as the waterfall method does to ensure product quality, an Agile method can promote development and testing as concurrent and continuous processes.

In other words, in waterfall development, one phase should be fully completed before moving on to the next. Whereas in the Agile method, multiple phases occur simultaneously.

What is Agile Methodology

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Advantages of using Agile Methodology –>

End-user participation is encouraged during the project, providing visibility and transparency. There is continuous planning and feedback throughout the process, adding value to the business from the beginning of the project.

Companies thus embrace the idea of delivering business value early in the process, which makes it easier to mitigate the risks associated with development. Some of the key benefits of Agile project management include:

High Product Quality

  • Regular testing to ensure that the product works during development
  • Definition and elaboration of requirements just in time
  • Integration of continuous integration and daily testing into the development process
  • Sprint retrospectives to continuously improve processes and work
  • Software is developed in incremental, rapid cycles.

Improves Customer Satisfaction

  • Demonstration of working functionality to customers
  • Faster and more frequent product launches with each new release
  • Customer involvement and commitment

Improves Control over the Project

  • Daily sprint meetings
  • Transparency through information radiators
  • Reduced risks
  • Development in sprints that ensure a short time span between feature development
  • Agile approach gives freedom when current changes need to be implemented
  • Adaptation to customer needs and preferences during the development process

Way to a Faster ROI

  • Focus on business value, allowing the customer to prioritize features
  • A functional, market-ready product after a few iterations
  • Agility means fast product releases and the ability to measure customer response

What is Agile Methodology? The 12 Principles –>

There are 12 core principles for the software development process using the Agile Methdology. These are:

  • Satisfy customers by delivering valuable work early and continuously.
  • Break large work into smaller tasks to complete them quickly.
  • Also, recognize that the best work is done by self-organized teams.
  • Provide a motivating and development oriented environment to employees.
  • Create processes that encourage sustained effort.
  • Maintain a steady pace for completed work.
  • Embrace changing requirements, even if they occur late in the project.
  • Gather the project team and business owners daily throughout the project.
  • Periodically have the team reflect on how they can become more effective and then adjust behaviors accordingly.
  • Measure progress by the amount of work completed.
  • Continually strive for excellence.
  • Use change as a competitive advantage.
What is Agile Methodology

Types of Agile Methodologies/Frameworks

The goal of each Agile method is to embrace and adapt to change while delivering software that works as efficiently as possible. However, each method differs in the way it defines the steps of software development. Some of the most widely used Agile methods include:

  • Scrum
  • Lean software development
  • Extreme Programming
  • Crystal
  • Kanban
  • Dynamic system development method
  • Feature-driven development

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By now, I can safely, vouch that you will have definitely got the answers to your question. Not only that, you have also come to know about various other facets related to the Agile Methodology. Even, the benefits of this methodology? So, all in all, you have acquired a great deal of knowledge. So, now go and implement this boon into your Software Development process and enjoy the process. Remember, if you’ve any confusion or questions whatsoever about this topic, do feel free to reach out to me in the comments section and I will readily try to help. On that note, until the next time, see ya!! Goodbye!!

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