In this post, we will take a look at some of the best Terrarium TV alternatives for iOS. So, if you are looking for the same, then, stay tuned to find out. Sometime back, Terrarium TV, one of the most popular and trusted streaming apps, announced that it’s shutting down. This is a really sad news for the community of online streamers who have relied heavily on Terrarium TV for their entertainment needs. Of course, I am a part of that community. I am very disappointed. But, do not worry as this is what prompted me to come up with alternative for Terrarium TV and here I am. So, on that note, let’s start this journey and find the best Terrarium TV alternatives for iOS.

Best Terrarium TV alternatives for iOS

There are quite a few alternative TV apps out there that function on the same principle that Terrarium TV functioned on. These apps are equally good if not better and offer a quality experience that I can vouch due to my extensive research. So, now let the alternatives come!! 😉

Cinema APK

Cinema APK, formerly known as HDMovies, has been around for a few months and is now one of the most popular on-demand apps for watching movies and TV shows. Even if Terrarium TV still existed in its full glory today, Cinema APK would probably have beaten it to the punch. This application runs almost flawlessly, fetches dozens of working streams, and offers top-notch streaming quality.

It’s been a while since Terrarium TV was officially discontinued, and if you are still looking for apps like this, Cinema APK is the one to consider first. Just like Terrarium TV, Cinema APK is a content aggregator that does not host its own content, but still gives you access to a huge library of movies and TV shows. The app pulls streaming links from multiple servers and makes them available for you to stream. Even though the app provides high- quality links, it could be even better if you integrate your Real-Debrid account with it. Real-Debrid ensures more complete HD streams and healthier links.

CyberFlix TV

This TV app is a clone of the discontinued Terrarium TV. CyberFlix TV has a huge selection of on-demand videos, mainly movies and TV shows. The content library is updated regularly to keep up with new releases. The app’s interface is the same as Terrarium TV with the same options and menu items. Thus, it is a solution that compfortably replaces Terrarium TV, for all that it has and is thus a viable alternative for you.

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Morph TV

It may very well happen that you have not come across this name. Morph TV is a relatively new Android streaming app that I came across just a few weeks ago. I liked this app for a number of reasons. In addition to the decent media library that Morph TV has to offer, I am also impressed with the quality of the streamable links that this app pulls up. Since Terrarium TV has ceased operations, Morph TV is certainly a good choice.

This on-demand app has almost everything. You can watch episodes of your favorite show TV or stream the latest movies. The app offers all the popular movies and even provides you with HD links for some of them. It is a very remote-friendly app and you can thus find your favorite movies and shows in a snap.

Best Terrarium TV alternatives for iOS

CatMouse APK

CatMouse is one of the most impressive on-demand apps I have found for the FireStick lately. As you would expect, this app has an extensive library of movies and TV shows. From the latest episodes to the new movies, CatMouse has it all. Even better, the library gets constant updates and new episodes and movies keep coming up.

This app also ensures that you get a variety of top-quality streaming links. Select the content you want to watch, and it will display multiple active streams in up to 1080p resolution. CatMouse also allows you to integrate with Real Debrid. This lets you indulge in even better quality links.

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Another name in the streaming world that is making a splash. As I write this, the app has only recently come onboard. However, it is already considered one of the most important on-demand apps, in the same league as Cinema HD APK, CyberFlix TV and others.

Its extensive collection of movies and series ensures that you will never run out of entertainment options. If you are a binge-watcher, UnlockMyTV is the perfect streaming app for you. When it comes to streaming quality, this app is on par with the other top terrarium alternatives we have in this list. You will find dozens of high-quality streams for most movies and episodes. Plus, you can sign up with Real Debrid to get access to the best streaming links on the web. Tract login, backup options, genre filters and a number of other features make UnlockMyTV a viable entertainment tool.

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Kodi is probably the most popular media player around. It was Terrarium’s biggest competitor TV. But now that Terrarium is gone, there is no doubt that Kodi is the undisputed leader in the streaming world.

Best Terrarium TV alternatives for iOS

Unlike Terrarium TV or other Android streaming apps, Kodi is far from in danger of being shut down or discontinued. Kodi is not dependent on a single developer. It is an open source app and anyone with the right skills can create a streaming add-on for Kodi. There are hundreds of video add-ons for Kodi that let you watch shows, movies, sports, live broadcasts TV and much more. Even if one developer decides to discontinue their add-on, the others will continue to offer their services. Besides, new addons are coming up all the time.

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OneBox HD

OneBox HD quickly provides the available streamable links. However, that also means you do not have many options to choose from. But I noticed that almost all the links you find with this app are playable. That’s more than I can say for Terrarium TV.

But, even though this app offers smooth navigation when you are exploring or searching the content, the controls inthe video are frustrating. You can not pause/schedule, rewind or fast forward with your remote unless you can toggle with your mouse, a sticking point for some.

The fact that OneBox HD has a huge collection of content, is lightweight and easy to use, and plays videos faster than any other app makes it worth a try.

Tea TV

The TeaTV app has been a widely used streaming app on the Android platform. I had used this app too. TeaTV has a solid media library that can easily keep up with Terrarium TV. But it does not have the most remote-friendly interface some time back, and it would be difficult to use on devices like the FireStick. However, in recent times such issues have been catered to and it works much better than before. Thus, it looks like the TeaTV developers have been working hard to make the app more competitive.

Though, if you are a big fan of Terrarium TV, it might take a little while to get used to this app. But I think if the developers keep working on it, TeaTV could soon take the place that Terrarium TV had claimed for so long.

Best Terrarium TV alternatives for iOS

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I hope that if you have come to this you are now well aware of the various best Terrarium TV alternatives for iOS. So, what are you waiting for? Go and quickly get access to one of these apps at your own discretion and enjoy. So, now that you know it all, and I have tried to make it as clear as I can about the viable alternatives for the Terrarium TV app, I can rest assured that I have done my job to the best of my ability. On that note, until the next time, see ya!! Goodbye!! But, do feel free to get in touch with me if you have any confusions or queries. Cheers 😉

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