Does Android 11 have a Name? Are you pondering over this question? If yes, then do not worry because it is here that you will get to know of this topic in more details. So, to start with, Google’s alphabetical dessert naming scheme has been an Android tradition for years, dating back to Android 1.5 Cupcake in 2009. But last year, Google decided to stop naming Android Q after an obscure cake or candy and instead use numerical names. This started with Android 10 and will continue with the upcoming release of Android 11 this fall.

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Does Android 11 have a Name?

You know what, though there may have been a slight change in the thinking mindset of Google as their naming of Android 10 as simply “Android 10” suggests. But that’s not the whole story. Google still continues to use alphabetic, dessert-based codenames internally for new Android releases. Dave Burke, the Android VP of Engineering at Google, said sometime back that Android Q was known internally as “Quince Tart” and, likely would have been called “Queen Cake” had the decision to continue using flavorful titles stuck.

So, similarly the name going in for Android 11 is Red Velvet Cake. It seems to be the continuation of that tradition for this year’s version of Android, which would have been called Android R under the old naming scheme. Just goes to show: it’s cake through and through.

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Btw….When did it release?

You can get the Android 11 update for free from Google or any other manufacturer. Unlike its predecessors, the new version hasn’t made any changes to the core of the operating system, so most apps should be compatible. Keep in mind that the update is limited to apps that have been updated in the last few years. Also, chat apps will get their own section in the notification area, making it easier to manage conversations.

When was Android 11 released? It got its due release on September 8, 2020 and is available for select devices. On the very first day, it got its rolling for the Pixel phones. And, after a short wait, other manufacturers, including Realme, Oppo and Xiaomi, joined in.

Does Android 11 have a Name

First of all, the name of Android 11 is based on a fictional character from the Dragon Ball series. Dr. Gero created Android 11 to serve the Red Ribbon Army. In the comic, the new version of Android worked just as poorly as the previous versions. For this reason, Google decided to call this version “Pie” Previous versions were called Cupcake, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread and Honeycomb. If Google doesn’t announce a public name for Android 11, it’ll be called internally.

According to Google, Android 11 focuses on connecting people and users and integrating with the smart devices around them. The version also features grouped notifications, message bubbles and an improved power off screen.

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So, does Android 11 have a Name? — A dessert name perhaps

Dessert names of Android versions are not new. Google has been using them for many years and even decorates a statue of the company in the shape of a dessert every year. But with the release of Android 10, Google stopped naming its versions after desserts and instead gives the version number in the title. But now the question arises: Why would Google use a name in the form of a dessert for Android 11 version?

The answer is quite simple. Android 11 is internally called Red Velvet Cake. Naming Android versions has evolved since then. In 2009, Google named its OS versions after desserts. The new name, “Red Velvet Cake” though not publicly known, is an interesting detail. It’s worth remembering that the name is for internal use only and the release name is still Android 11.

So what is the official name of Android 11? Android Vice-President of Engineering, Dave Burke, has confirmed that Android 11 will not be called “Pie”, but “Red Velvet Cake” According to VP, “Red Velvet” refers to a “red” or “black” dessert, but it is not a definitive name.

Does Android 11 have a Name

Does Android 11 have the name of some food?

In recent years, major Android releases have got their names from food, such as cookies and ice cream. But, with the release of Android 10 however, Google announced that it will no longer use food names for major Android versions and will instead keep the numerical order. That does not mean Android will not have food names anymore, because it will!

The dessert names are a bit more complicated. The name Android 11 was a code name for the version in the past, before it got it’s release.

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Miscellaneous —– Features of Android 11 –>

Here in this section we will discuss about some miscellaneous features that come onboard Android 11. So, let’s see them one by one:

  • Resizable picture-in-picture windows
    • You can resize a picture-in-picture window by simply tapping one of the four corners and then dragging inward or outward.
  • The preview shows the number of notifications
    • You will now see a number next to the expand arrow if you have multiple notifications. This makes it easy to see how many messages you have not read yet in the conversation.
  • Select button in the “Recent Apps” overview:
    • There has been some revamping with the “Recent Apps” section with the addition of a “Screenshot” and “Share” button, along with the “Select” button.
Does Android 11 have a Name

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By now, I can safely, vouch that you have definitely got the answers to your question, does Android 11 have a name? Or does it perhaps have a name related to some food or say any dessert? Not only that, you have also come to know about various features of Android 11 and also some quite interesting facts related to it too. So, by now you are well aware of everything that you need to know about this topic. Thus, now I rest my case. On that note, until the next time, see ya!! Goodbye!! But, do remember to ping me anytime, when you have an honest problem. 

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