Jeff Bezos is a very influential entrepreneur, businessman, and a person of high value for his words. Not only that, he is one of the most successful and important businessmen in the world, signified by his almost incomprehensible wealth of over $200 billion. But wait, what about his intelligence? What’s his Intelligence Quotient score? Where do you think he ranks among the smartest people on the planet? In this post, we will definitely be taking a look at Jeff Bezos IQ, i.e., his IQ score?

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What is Jeff Bezos’ IQ?

In the 21st century, there are many personalities who have contributed greatly to the world in their own way, which is why their IQ is always questioned. Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Bill Gates to name a few. On that note, we will be discussing about Jeff Bezos’s IQ in this post.

Jeff Bezos has made a great name for himself in the history of the world and has made people wonder about his intelligence. His IQ has aroused people’s interest, mainly because of his successful efforts. It is true that there is little public data when we talk about the IQ of famous people like Jeff. But it is also true that there is always estimated data created by various experts in the field of IQ analysis. But, before this deep analysis, let us take a look at what is IQ and how it is measured?

Jeff Bezos IQ

What is Intelligence Quotient (IQ)? ~~> ~~>

IQ score signifies a test taken for various reasons to measure a person’s intellect, first developed by William Stern, a German psychologist; who used a series of tests to determine a person’s mental abilities, which vary from age to age.

Looking through history, a person’s IQ was tested by considering that person’s mental age and calculating the years, months, and days of brain activity divided by the intelligence test score that corresponds to a normal exam.

IQ score = (Intelligence score / chronological age of the person) X 100

In the modern context though, IQ testing is a complex process. The test score takes into account the total population with a mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 15. Enough has been said about Elon Musk’s IQ already. So, let us try and understand what kind of work he is doing now to justify the level of IQ associated with him.

Bezos — Another Great Genius !! ~~> ~>

As mentioned earlier, there is no publicly available data on it, but estimates put Jeff Bezos’ IQ at 150. He is the founder of one of the largest companies in the world Amazon. And, is directly responsible for the growth of that company and its investments. To run such a large business empire requires a high level of intelligence, which is why experts attribute Jeff Bezos a IQ of 150.

Let us also look to justify this score with an explanation based on Roger Dooley’s article “The Three Superpowers of Jeff Bezos”:

Progressive Thinker

Jeff has the ability to see through potential ideas and develop a plan of action. Roger backs up the article with the example that in 1998 he was able to recognise the difficulty consumers had in obtaining their goods and find a way to reduce the effort by entering the home delivery system via the Internet. He succeeded in realising the true potential of the Internet.

Jeff Bezos IQ

He has a clear picture of the big picture in his head and manages to execute it in a timely manner. It is his long-term vision of ideas that has put him in the position he is in today, which is why Roger included this trait in his article. Not many people have the audacity to have a vision and move forward. Jeff is an example of a person who had a vision also successfully executed it.

Customer’s Eye

Jeff makes sure to always keep the customer in mind when doing business. He is obsessed with the way the customer experiences Amazon’s delivery model. He also takes customer feedback very seriously. In a show in India, he described how his team responds to his meetings where he takes the damaged product delivered to the customer and the feedback he receives about the poor customer experience and forces questions about it on his team. Jeff is a great victor, when it comes to dealing with customers and increasing customer’s satisfaction.

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Jeff Bezos IQ — His Legacy ~~> ~~>

Now that we have clearly established why Jeff’s IQ is 150 with valid reasons, let us try to understand what companies he is directly involved in that has caused many people to become inquisitive of his IQ.


It’s an obvious mention because that’s where it all starts. He also managed to see the potential of the Internet and the difficulties of consumers, develop a delivery model and create a new company, revolutionary in many ways.

Jeff Bezos IQ

Blue Origin

Blue Origin is a space company that seeks to harness the resources available in space for the benefit of planet Earth. It is also trying to break new ground in developing rockets that they reuse like airplanes. There are quite a lot of similarities with Elon Musk’s SpaceX, with the exception of colonising Mars.

Washington Post

Jeff bought the Washington Post out of respect for the company’s contribution to the country’s media culture. This acquisition highlights his EQ, which signifies him holding certain values for companies with a long history of great work.

WRAPPING UP — What is Jeff Bezos’ IQ? –>

As in the case of Elon Musk, I proclaim that Jeff was just smart enough; to figure out which businesses he should and should not invest in, and that has served him very well. To put it in a more relevant context, Jeff Bezos is a genius. Especially, when it comes to picking the best business and also making the best use of his assets. On that note, until next time, see ya !! Goodbye !! ~~> ~~>

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