How Many Devices Can Use Amazon Prime In 2023?

Amazon is that platform that caters to your needs in all spheres of your life. You can shop, read, and entertain yourself by streaming TV shows and movies, and so on. We are here to discuss the entertainment part of the company i.e., Amazon Prime. So, you can easily find Amazon Prime on all devices possible like Android, iPhones, Samsung and Amazon Fire tablets, etc. There is no restriction on the creation of multiple profiles on Amazon Prime thus, bringing us to our topic ‘How Many Devices Can Use Amazon Prime In 2023?’.

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How Many Devices Can Use Amazon Prime In 2023?

Starting in 2023, you can only log in to 3 devices from the same Amazon Prime account at the same time. Now, these three people can easily stream the platform simultaneously but the case is different while watching the videos. So, only two of you can are allowed to watch the same video on Amazon Prime at once. Let’s move on to some smaller queries related to this topic.

Can you share Amazon Prime accounts?

Amazon Prime users have the ability to create up to 6 profiles that they can share with their family and friends. So, you can easily share your login credentials and they will enter that on their device and make their own profile. But please ensure that you share this information with only trusted people as it is the key to all platforms of Amazon.

Can you stream videos on Prime simultaneously?

As mentioned above, 3 users can stream at once on Amazon Prime but only two of you can stream the same video at a time. There have been no reasons provided for this from Amazon but we can guess that this restriction is for better connectivity. So, it is better that you use different accounts while doing a group watch on Prime.


Can You Share Amazon Prime With Different Addresses?

There is no restriction on sharing Prime accounts with friends having different addresses. The users just have to share login credentials and there is nothing else required. However, it is better to share such information with minimal people as there are various offenses that can occur such as fraud, identity theft, etc. You should recommend other people not save the login credentials and handle the information with care.

How to add someone to your Prime account?

You can add someone to your Amazon Prime account by following two methods and they are as follows:

  • Firstly, you can create a profile on your own and then share the login credentials with your friend.
  • Secondly, you have the option to install Amazon Household. As the name suggests, it is a faction of Prime that permits its users to share their accounts among the family or their household. All family members must have an Amazon account before they start using Amazon Household.

Before opting for the second option, you should know that it is mainly used by parents along with their children. So, you need to ensure that you are adding a child or a teen, or an adult to that account.

Which devices support Amazon prime?

As we have already mentioned above that Amazon Prime is compatible with almost all the devices available in the market. So, here is a list to give you all the names regarding it:

  • Android devices
  • iOS devices
  • PCs and Laptops
  • Amazon Fire tablets and other tablets
  • Chromebook
  • Smart TV

Conclusion on How Many Devices Can Use Amazon Prime In 2023?

We hope that our blog ‘How Many Devices Can Use Amazon Prime In 2023?’, helps you in ascertaining the answer and pursuing accordingly. We have also given answers to other queries related to Amazon Prime. So, read wisely and keep streaming wisely!

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