How many reports are needed to delete an Instagram account?

Instagram regulates its platform by various rules and regulations. Users of the app have the option to report the accounts of others on Instagram. This feature is available in order to secure protection for users of Instagram. In this blog, we are going to discuss ‘How many reports are needed to delete an Instagram account?’.

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How many reports are needed to delete an Instagram account?

How many reports are needed to delete an Instagram account?

There is no definite answer to this question. Sometimes your Instagram account may vanish even on the basis of a sole report. On the other hand, it may take various reports from different persons. So, it’s safe to say that there is no conclusive number that makes this decision. Instagram is a platform that varies its actions depending on algorithms. So, if your actions are in contravention of the guidelines of Instagram and someone reports your account. Then, your account will get deleted or suspended by Instagram. It also deletes distressing posts and comments.

You can reach out to Instagram directly for this topic and they can help you out. You can even take down your own Instagram account by visiting its website and filling out a form or directly sending emails regarding this. Lastly, you can try to take down an account by making a DMCA takedown request.


How to delete your Instagram account?

If you want to delete your own account then you can do so by following the steps given below:

  • Firstly, open Instagram on your device.
  • Secondly, tap on the three dots available in the corner of the screen and choose the Settings option.
  • Thirdly, you will find the option of Deactivate Your Account under the head of Account.
  • Lastly, you just have to confirm your action by clicking on OK.

How to get Instagram to take down a fake account?

There is no certified process given by Instagram to do so. However, you can try and follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Firstly, you should utilize a verified account for taking down a fake account.
  • Now report that fake account on Instagram by following the process given below.
  • In addition to the account, you can also report its actions on the platform.

How to report an account on Instagram?

You can report an account by clicking on the three dots available on the screen. You will find the Report option among various other options. Secondly, you can report an account on Instagram by mailing them to

How long it takes Instagram to delete a reported account?

Until now there has been no disclosure by Instagram on the duration it takes to take an action and delete the account. The duration mainly depends on the grievousness of the report. If you use the option of the app to report it then you will get an answer to the report within 24 hours. On the other hand, the mail option will receive a reply within 48 hours of sending the email.

How to know who reported your account on Instagram?

You cannot know the identity of the person who reports you on Instagram. This is in accordance with Instagram guidelines and to protect the privacy of Instagram users.

How to know if your account has been reported by someone?

In order to know such a thing, you can look for the following indications or changes in your Instagram account:

  • Firstly, it may be so if your Instagram account got locked.
  • Secondly, you may get a warning message from Instagram. It may be single or multiple in nature.


Instagram provides the Report feature for the protection of its users. However, like various other things, it can also be misused. So, we hope that our blog ‘How many reports are needed to delete an Instagram account?’ helps you in tackling all problems related to this feature. You can be on either side of the problem but this blog will help you all the same.

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