How to hack Instagram deleted messages?

Instagram has become an app that brings people together now apart from various other things that it does. Through the DM feature of the app, you can share memes and start a chat with anyone you want. In this blog, we are going to discuss a query that is related to this feature. If your question is ‘How to hack Instagram deleted messages?’ then you are at the right place. Even though there is no specified solution to it, we are here to provide you with some ways through which you can do so.

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How to hack Instagram deleted messages?

How to hack Instagram deleted messages?

There are various methods that you can try to hack Instagram deleted messages and they are as follows:

  • Firstly, you can recover your deleted DMs by using Instagram itself. Navigate to your profile on the app and go to Settings. Now go down and search the option of Request Account Data. Instagram will show you all the data of your account here and it will also contain all the deleted messages.
  • Secondly, you can recover data from Instagram from its cache for up to one week. However, if more time has passed then you can try contacting the recipient and using data recovery apps.
  • Thirdly, you can seek out third-party apps that specialize in these things. For example, InstaRecovery, DMDE, etc.
  • If the above-mentioned methods don’t work then the last option is to utilize data recovery tools. For example, Recuva, Disk Drill, etc.


1. Is the recovery of Vanish messages possible on Instagram?

Instagram provides a feature of vanish mode where you can just swipe up and make the messages vanish. The recovery of the messages lost because of this mode is possible but only when the other party has allowed the feature of recovery mode.

2. How long does Instagram keep deleted messages?

The period to keep these messages backed up is decided by the rules of the company. But rest assured as they are not permanently gone and you can request Instagram to recover them for you. This data can also be accessed by officials of the law taking care of important matters.

3. Is there a way to track Instagram vanish mode?

There is a possibility that you will be able to track it. But it is not the same thing as tracking a basic Instagram account. This is because in this case, you require the mobile number of that person and then you can start tracking.


We hope that our blog ‘how to hack Instagram deleted messages?’ will help you in getting your deleted data back. All the possible methods are mentioned above. Apart from this, you can always try using paid apps that will help you in recovering deleted messages. Thank you for reading our blog!

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