What are the cancellation charges in redBus?

Redbus is a site that everyone visits whenever looking to book bus tickets. It is a great app that provides information relating to buses of every region on one site. Additionally, you can avail of various offers and rewards also if you are an avid user of Redbus. Even if you are not a fan of traveling by bus, sometimes it is the only option especially during festivals when all the trains are booked. So, we can conclude that everyone uses it sometime or the other. In this blog, we are going to discuss ‘What are the cancellation charges in redBus?’.

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What are the cancellation charges in redBus?

Cancellation charges refer to charges that are levied on users while calling off a transaction. Sometimes, they will ask you to pay a particular amount, and other times you have to pay some percentage of the entire amount. And we are here to discuss ‘What are the cancellation charges in redBus?’, which is very frequently asked by people. And we are happy to share that RedBus doesn’t charge you for cancellation. However, the cancellation charges will apply if you cancel the bus ticket within 24 hours of departure. You will be charged Rs. 100 if you do so. The users are given this information beforehand so you should read all the terms.


Does RedBus refund after the cancellation of a ticket?

RedBus provides the failure of refund to its customers. Most of the time it is a full refund unless you are too late and want to refund within 24 hours of the departure. In the latter case, some cancellation charges will be levied or there will be a partial refund. So, it will all depend upon the terms and cancellation period.

How to change the date of my travel on RedBus?

You have the option to change the date of travel in case of a confirmed ticket. However, a change fee will apply while changing the reservation. The amount will vary according to the terms of the service so you can read the conditions before doing so.

What does a Flexi ticket mean?

Flexi ticket is a facility provided by RedBus through which you can take numerous trips in a particular period of time. It will provide a particular number that you are allowed to convert into a trip. You will get all the information accordingly.

What does an M ticket mean?

It is another facility by RedBus through which its customers can get tickets cheaper than the standard rate. You can avail M ticket by buying a normal ticket first and converting it by making a choice of “M Ticket”.

What is the reason behind charging cancellation fees?

When a person cancels their ticket, travel organizations suffer loss and they try to cover it by charging such fees. A charge like that comprises of the ticket price, related taxes, and other services. Some fares are refundable partially or fully and others are non-refundable in nature.


We hope that our blog ‘What are the cancellation charges in redBus?’ provides you with all the information on the topic. RedBus is a great ticket service for people in India. It has a simple User Interface and its services will satisfy you. So, you don’t have to hesitate and can use it without any doubts in mind. Thank you for reading our blog!

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