What Does Shein Mean? (All You Need to Know)

You must have heard about Shein especially in India since it got banned. It is a very famous online shopping platform created by Chris Xu. We are here to discuss this clothing brand and its unique name that intrigues everyone. In this blog, we will tackle the question ‘What Does Shein Mean?’ and all you need to know about it such as its history and quality of products.

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What Does Shein Mean? (All You Need to Know)

What Does Shein Mean? (All You Need to Know)

Shein has its base in China and came into force in 2008. It initially became popular because of the style of clothes it provides. Later users started to get attracted to the brand because of its quality products at affordable prices. Now let’s move on to the main topic of ‘What does Shein mean?’ and all you need to know about it. The name ‘Shein’ has different interpretations in different languages of Chinese and English.

What does Shein mean in Chinese?

What Does Shein Mean? (All You Need to Know)

The literally meaning of Shein in Chinese is elegant or graceful. You can interpret the word in different ways according to situations. There is one more meaning of the word i.e., beauty and fashion. You can clearly see what the creators went for in their brand name. Another beautiful interpretation of the word is the “sound of hope.”

What does Shein mean in English?

There is no direct or dictionary meaning of this word available in English. We can still interpret it and the closest word that perfectly describes it are “gorgeous” or “stunning.” So, we can conclude that in English also ‘Shein’ means the same as in Chinese. The word means fashionable and beautiful describing the brand perfectly.

Shein – All You Need to Know

Shein has become one of those online shopping platforms that every shopper is aware of. It is mostly famous among women because of its trendy clothes including tops, bottoms, swimsuits, dresses, etc. It also provides clothes for men, and children, home care, and even for your pets. Shein has a great collection for plus size too. Users praise the brand for its affordable products and fast shipping and returns.

However, like every good thing has a bad side, Shein has it too. The brand received a lot of criticism in relation to the manufacturing procedure of its products. There were claims that workers of the company were suffering. Up until now, there has been a lack of transparency from their side.


1. Where is the headquarters of Shein?

As mentioned above, Shein has its headquarters in Nanjing, China. Apart from this, it has various offices in other countries also. For example, Australia, Canada, Brazil, the US, France, the UK, Italy, Spain, India, and Russia.

2. What was the original name of Shein?

The company changed its name a few times until it got settled on Shein. Firstly, it was named ZZKKO then the name became Sheinside. When the brand acquisition of Romwe took place in 2014, the company rebranded itself under the current name Shein. The main reason behind this was to make the search easier for its users.

3. Explain the origins of the name Shein.

The goal of the founder of the company, Chris Xu was the creation of a fashion brand that has international recognition. As we can see now, this clothing line has accomplished its goal. Everybody in the world recognizes the name, Shein, now.

4. How to write Shein with Chinese Characters?

You have to use the character 希音 to write Shein in the Chinese language. Also, you can write it as Xiyin in English as it is an alternative. You can pronounce the word “shay-in”. There are very common mispronunciations of the word around the world, they say it as either “sheen” or “shine.”


We hope that our blog ‘What Does Shein Mean?’ gave you all you need to know. The meaning of the word is clear now. We can conclude that in spite of various languages, what Shein means as a brand is a beautiful fashion. On this note, we hope that you continue shopping for all the trendy clothes on Shein.

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