How To Delete Contacts On Telegram

Telegram is another messaging app just like WhatsApp containing other convenient features. There is no limit to the persons that you can add to your Telegram account. However, just like other social media apps, sometimes problems arise in relation to spam. So, in this blog, we will discuss ‘How To Delete Contacts On Telegram?’. This will solve any privacy issue that you face on Telegram.

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How To Delete Contacts On Telegram?

We are going to tell you the process of deleting contacts on Telegram for both Android and iOS devices. So, let’s dig into it.


  • Firstly, open Telegram on your smartphone, and please ensure that you are signed into your account.
  • On the main page, you will see three horizontal lines as seen in the image below. Click on it.
  • Now as the various options appear, you have to select the option of Contacts.
  • After doing so, you have to choose the particular contact you want to delete on Telegram.
  • Now open the chat window of the person and click on the username you see.
How To Delete Contacts On Telegram
  • When you do so, all the information regarding the user will appear. In this new window, you have to click on the three dots available in the corner.
How To Delete Contacts On Telegram
  • These three dots will provide you with various options regarding the contact. You have to choose the option of ‘Delete contact’ obviously.
How To Delete Contacts On Telegram
  • Lastly, you have to provide confirmation for your action by clicking on ‘Delete’.
How To Delete Contacts On Telegram

The process of ‘How To Delete Contacts On Telegram?’ in relation to android devices is complete now. If you want to completely remove the particular contact from your Telegram chat window then delete the chat, if any too.


The following steps are for iOS device users:

  • Firstly, open Telegram on your iOS device.
  • Secondly, navigate to the bottom bar where you will find the option of Contacts, and click on it.
  • When you find the particular contact that you want to delete on Telegram, tap on it to go to the chat window.
  • Click on the Username of that person.
  • Then tap on the option of Edit which will show you various options.
  • Now click on Delete Contact and confirm your action. The process is complete now.

How to delete multiple contacts on Telegram?

There is no direct method of Telegram that will help you in deleting many contacts at once. But there is a round way to it and the steps for it are as follows:

  • Firstly, you have to open Telegram Web on the choice of your browser and ensure that you are signed into your account.
  • Secondly, click on the three horizontal lines that will directly take you to the Menu.
  • You have to select the option of Contacts from the Menu list.
  • When you click on Edit, then you will get the chance to select multiple contacts at once.
  • Lastly, after your selection, you have to tap on Delete and confirm your action.


We hope that our blog ‘How To Delete Contacts On Telegram?’, helps you in strengthening the security of your Telegram account. All the methods related to various devices are mentioned above. The steps are more or less similar in nature so they will not be hard to follow. Thank you for reading our blog!

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