Starbucks Slogan (Core Values, Taglines + Other FAQs)

Starbucks is the standard for coffee lovers. You may not be aware of this big corporation’s slogan and other taglines that incorporate its values. A catchy slogan is a necessity when you want to be out of the ordinary. We will learn all about Starbucks Slogan and its Core Values related to those Taglines and additionally, we will answer your FAQs related to the topic in this blog.

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Starbucks Slogan – Core Values & Taglines

If you are wondering about the slogan of Starbucks and it is not ringing a bell then it is because they don’t have one. Most people associate Starbucks with its crowned siren logo as you can also see in the image above. But don’t get disappointed because Starbucks does contain a mission statement and you can also see various new taglines it releases according to the holidays and seasons.

Starbucks has such a widespread community that appreciates its product worldwide without needing a slogan or tagline. The logo of the corporation brings out the essence of its premium quality coffee. It is so popular that people can recognize the logo even without the name of the corporation mentioned.

Starbucks Mission statement

Even though Starbucks doesn’t have slogan or taglines that will express its Core values but it contains Mission statements that will satisfy your FAQs. They use these statements and other holiday taglines as part of their marketing strategy. Unlike taglines that focus on the belief of the corporation, a mission statement focuses more on lone consumers and their community.

The mission statement of Starbucks says the following:

To inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time.


How does Starbucks adhere to its mission statement?

All the employees and analysts of Starbucks adhere to rules and regulations that will help in accomplishing its mission statement. Additionally, the corporation focuses on making ethical policies to attain resources like cocoa, coffee, tea, etc. Their entire focus is the investment in sustainable agricultural products. Apart from saving the environment, Starbucks also contributes all it can to charities and communities in need. Additionally, they also treat their employees and consumers justly and adequately.

Core values behind Starbucks’ slogan

In this blog of Starbucks Slogan (Core Values & Taglines + Other FAQs), now let’s learn about the core value of Starbucks. It is represented with regard to its coffee, employees, and consumers. We can explain its core values with the help of the following points:

  • Dignity, transparency and respect
  • Delivering their best
  • Inclusivity and welcoming everybody

Starbucks has computed the above by saying, “We are performance-driven through the lens of humanity.”

Taglines of Starbucks

As we have mentioned above in the blog, there is no official slogan of the corporation but it consists of taglines that it releases in accordance with seasons and holidays. We have a list of some of the famous ones and they are as follows:

Coffee that inspires.

It’s not just coffee. It’s Starbucks.

Taste the best of summer.

Starbucks Frappuccino. Work can wait.

The best coffee for the best YOU.

To get you through those all nighters.



We hope that our blog on Starbucks Slogan (Core Values & Taglines + Other FAQs) enlightened you about this famous corporation. We have come to the conclusion that these slogans and taglines of Starbucks give inspiration to its consumers as well as employees. Even though it doesn’t have an official slogan like many other famous corporations, Starbucks has its own value and culture. Thank you for reading our blog!

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