Ludo, a vintage board game, dates back to when Indians knew it as Pachisi. Over the years, it was transformed into the modern version we play. This board game has become a part and parcel when family members sit together for fun. It has become a staple for holidays and vacations. Considering its immense popularity worldwide, game developers have created virtual platforms where fans can connect and play this game anytime, anywhere. There are numerous options to download, play, and enjoy the brilliant audiovisual elements. If you are looking for the best Ludo apps, here is a vivid list to consider.

6 Best Ludo Apps with Unique Features

MPL Ludo

Mobile Premier League (MPL) is a multigame digital platform where Ludo is one of the prime attractions. This game app has created a fascinating digital version of this board game with intuitive graphics and innovative gameplay. You can use this app to learn how to play Ludo and develop your game-playing skills. The learning curve for this app is quite simple. All you have to do is create an account and start rolling dice on a virtual board. You can play with AI bots or participate in a virtual table with unknown players. This app also creates a venue for individual contests and big tournaments. You can challenge players in unique contests and win by developing your skills. The online tournaments have big prizes to win. This app also allows creating a virtual room for inviting your chosen players. Why not indulge in a board of Ludo with friends and family virtually and make it more fun? The fun of rolling virtual dice and moving your tokens creates thrill and excitement. For this, this app is a perfect choice to go with.

Ludo Club

Ludo Club is a brilliant option to customize your board by earning points. Download this game easily and register as a Ludo player. Start gathering points by participating in contests. You will earn virtual points to use and enhance your Ludo pieces and boards. These thematic boards and pieces will make your gameplay more engaging and impress opponents in live matches. This app allows you to chat with other players and create a community. It offers both competitive and non-competitive modes for players. In the competitive modes, winners get real prizes to cash out. A leaderboard is maintained to check who has scored the highest and to select the winners.

Ludo Superstar

Ludo Superstar is another bright name on this list. It has a remarkable user interface along with exclusive graphics and animations. This app has also introduced a voice chat feature to make friends online and play this game with known players. Play offline with computer bots and online with players worldwide. There are multiple variants of Ludo in this mobile gaming app. You will find team-up, live, blitz, friends, and three other variants besides the traditional version. You can learn how to play with bots and develop your skills to participate in live contests to win big prizes. You can choose any variants and play your favorite board game anywhere. 

Rush Ludo Game

Rush is a unique gaming portal offering a universe of top board and card games. In this universe, you will find Ludo as one of the top choices. This app has crafted a colorful interface with exclusive boards and tokens. 2 to 4 players can participate virtually to play this game online. Rush offers a learning phase where you can play with computer-generated players. The gaming rules match the traditional version of Ludo to a considerable extent. So, the learning phase will not be relatively easy to cross. Every player will get a chance to roll the dice methodically and move the tokens towards the ultimate goal. The first one to reach home with all the tokens wins. This app also offers an earning version of Ludo, where you can participate in small contests and big tournaments. Players participate in these competitions to win big prizes. So, develop your Ludo skills while enjoying the graphics and colorful themes of Rush Ludo.

Ludo King

Do you want more variations in Ludo? Well, worry not, as Ludo King has got you covered. This mobile app is dedicatedly designed for Ludo and Snakes & Ladders. These two favorite games of your childhood have been re-imagined in their digital versions by adding exclusive animations and graphics. One of this Ludo app’s best features is its two exclusive variants. The first variant is the conventional four-player version. The second one is the 6-player version, where you can play with six other players. In fact, you can create a private room and invite your friends to make it more interesting. The unique colors of the tokens and the board designs make this app stand out from the crowd. The gameplay includes free spins and a bonus for creating an account and joining to play. Learning to play this game is also easier. Practice with the bots, develop your skills, and use the voice chat feature to interact with other players.

Ludo Fantasy

Ludo Fantasy is another contender on this list. This game app is comparatively new in the market and provides an excellent platform for playing this board game online. It offers a secure platform where enthusiasts can open accounts, register, and participate in competitions. These competitions offer big cash rewards. Ludo Fantasy offers an easy way to deposit entry fees for competitions and withdraw winnings in simple steps. It is designed using fair-play-based random algorithms so that all the players get the same chance to win. You can easily share a room code with your friends to create a private playing environment and enjoy.

Find your favorite Ludo App today!

These are the top apps you can choose to download and play Ludo. These apps have been designed by the top game-developing companies and are trusted by millions of fans. Why wait, then? Start your Ludo journey today, develop your skills, and participate in the big competitions to win real cash prizes. Make your Ludo a passion to use your free time and earn money!

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